Geometry Vocabulary - Story - Word Search

Geometry Vocabulary - Story - Word Search

Hexagon......Intersect......Line of symmetry..............Obtuse
Quadrilateral...............Ray...........Rectangle.......Rectangular prism
Reflection....Right angle....Rotation.....Segment.........Sphere

The blanks in the story below can be filled with the words above except for number words such as two or three. All words are not used.

Once upon a time, Joyce decided to build a home with an ______________ -sided front. She called it an octagon house. A big party was planned to celebrate. Joyce went to the __________ store with a five sided entry to buy party hats with one vertex and a circle base cut out. They looked like colorful ________________, and they were all the same shape and size. In other words, they were _____________________. She also bought __________________-sided hexagon ice cubes for the punch.

Once she sent out the invitations it was time to decorate the game room. She wanted to hang streamers along the border of the room. Thus, she need to measure to find out the_______________________ of the room. The thought to paint the room would require her to know the _____________ of the walls and more time, so Joyce dismissed the idea. However, while shopping for the perfect streamers, Joyce stopped by a furniture store and found a couple of perfect pieces for the guests to sit on. The first was the shape of a rectangular prism. It was covered in soft dark green fabric with ____________ edges, _____________ vertices, and ___________ faces. The other piece had two faces with a curved surface covered with an animal print nicknamed the safari _______________ seat. It was possible to lift the top base in order to store things inside. Joyce wondered how much it could store or the _______________ of such seat storage.

Two days before the party, guests began to call Joyce because directions to her home were not on the invitations. “OMG!” she exclaimed. “Let me just tell you over the phone as if you were coming from the library. The street in front of the library, Brooks, will dead end into Jacks Road. In other words, Brook Street is ___________________ to Jacks Rd. Take a right. Jacks Rd runs ____________________to Perry Road and will never meet. So in order to get to Perry Rd, Jacks Road will cross or __________________ at mills road. Make a left. Continue on Mills Rd until you pass a statue shaped like a basketball or a _______________. Then, slow down, and the next stop sign is at Perry Road. Make a right and my house is the third house on the left. She emailed everyone else the directions.

The party was awesome. Jamie was telling jokes. Joyce laughed so hard she was leaning so far back in her chair that her body formed an _____________ angle. However, Brittany leaned forward laughing and holding her stomach. She obviously formed an ____________ angle. Since Louis came to the party straight from work, he was napping on the sofa. The loud laughter startled Louis so much that he sat straight up forming a ____________ angle. Once Louis was fully awake, he moved to the far left of the sofa to join the fun. Louis’ move on the couch would be called a ___________________ in the Math world. Jamie stayed in his seat and made a ____________________or turned to the right to acknowledge Louis’ presence, and the jokes continued. In no time, the punch was gone, the food was gone; thus, the party was over.

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