Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall (1990)
Quaid has an unusual obsession with Mars. If he’s not dreaming about it, he’s trying to convince his wife to move there. But when Doug opts to have a virtual Mars vacation implanted into his memory, things go terribly wrong. Little by little, he finds out that everything he knows has all been a lie, implanted by those trying to keep him quiet about what’s really happening on Mars. Will he be able to recall the truth? Here are some mistakes to look for while you’re watching 2009’s “Total Recall”.

· When Quaid is trying to get away from Richter and his cronies, he grabs the robot driver of the Johnny Cab and puts him in the back seat. When he puts him down, the robot is sitting upright, stomach side down in the seat with its face toward the right. The robot says “fasten your seatbelt” and it’s in the floor on its back, propped up against the seat, looking up.

· Quaid checks into the hotel on Mars and the clerk tells him he has left something in the safety deposit box. When he opens the box, he pulls out the papers and begins to unfold it. In the front view of him (when he’s unfolding the paper), the pink and white picture is facing towards the camera, away from him. In the close-up of the “Last Resort” flyer, the picture is facing towards him and he turns it over to read the message on the back.

· Quaid leaves the hotel and meets Benny who asks him if he needs a cab. They walk to the car and Benny begins to lift the door up when there is an explosion. In the closer view, Benny pushes the door down. It cuts to a farther view and he closes the door again.

· Quaid/Hauser meets up with Melina for the first time and they go upstairs to a private room where she suddenly slaps him. After the slap, the first shot of her when she says “You’re alive”, it shows her necklace is dangling in front of her. The view cuts to him and then back to Melina when she says “you couldn’t get me a message”. The necklace is caught in her hair on her left side.

· The elevator door opens and Melina starts to fire her gun. In the close-up view of the two men carrying an unconscious Quaid/Hauser, it shows them drop him to the floor. The scene cuts to a wider view and the two men fall from being shot and drop him again!

· Near the end, Richter and Quaid/Hauser are on the freight lift. Quaid/Hauser is trying to hold onto him, but Richter’s arms detach and he falls. Quaid/Hauser says “See you at the party, Richter” and he tosses the arms off of the side of the lift. The arms fall but we never see them fall in the air past the lift, even though you can see the area under it.

“Total Recall” (2009) stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox and Marshall Bell. It runs 114 minutes and is rated R due to strong graphic, bloody violence throughout, language and sexuality/nudity.

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