Attract Wealth With Feng Shui

Attract Wealth With Feng Shui
Do you want to attract wealth and increase your prosperity? Here are nine gifts to give yourself that will help attract wealth with Feng Shui. It is especially powerful if you reward yourself with these items at the beginning of a new year, a new month, or a new moon.

Feng Shui principles believe that “you are what you see.” That means that when you surround yourself with objects and accessories that make you feel wealthy and prosperous, you attract abundance into your life. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these. Just be sure you buy what that you like and what make you feel abundant.

New Wallet. Treating yourself to a new wallet represents being open to new wealth entering your life. Feng Shui principles suggest choosing a red or burgundy wallet because these colors represent wealth and power.

Large Tote Bag. A large tote bag or purse symbolizes that you are expecting the future to bring many good things and that you need a bag big enough to carry them.

Red Shoes. Red is the color of the Feng Shui Fire Element, so it’s effective in stomping out all the frustrations of the past month or year. Any size heel will do the job.

Red Accessories. The color red also represents good fortune in Feng Shui. You can attract wealth with Feng Shui by wearing red accessories, clothes, or even red underwear. It is especially important to wear red on any day you need to make a good impression.

Gold or Silver Jewelry. Gold and silver represent the Metal Element in Feng Shui that represents strength and focus. When you buy a new piece of “good” jewelry you send the message that you are focusing on the accumulation of wealth.

New Watch. A watch is always moving forward, so buying a new one symbolizes advancing your financial future.

Healthy plants. Check your plants at the end of each month. If any of them look weak and unhealthy, plan to replace them during the first of the next month to symbolize a healthy start.

A Bank Deposit. When you receive a salary check, refund, or payment from a client toward the end of a month, defer depositing it until the beginning of the next month. This symbolizes earning more money than you need to spend, and is a classic way to attract wealth with Feng Shui.

Spending Money Write yourself a check for a high value and include a specific notation for what you dream about buying, such as "to buy a new car," in the memo field. Then fold up the check and hide it away in your wallet where it will symbolically attract enough money to help achieve what you have written. Be sure to write "for deposit only" with your bank account number on the back of the check in case it gets lost!

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