Goji Berry Tea

Goji Berry Tea
Goji Berry Tea

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The trends in tea of recent are many. A recent addition to the tea market, that you may or may not have heard of before, is that of the Goji berry.

As people become more and more proactive with their health, they are seeking healthier alternatives, and in tea this is also true. People in general are seeking meals/drinks that contain natural ingredients. People want to feel good about the foods they consume, so it is only natural that those foods that are rich in antioxidants become very popular.

Tea is fast becoming a huge market in America. Tea now is certainly different from “the old days” when tea was administered to help us in times of sickness and in woe. Although tea is the number one drink throughout the world, second only to water it is certainly catching on in America. Now whole market aisles are dedicated to teas. Teas from around the world are present in these aisles as well as teas touting all types of cures.

This brings me to the latest and newest the Goji berry. Some marketers will claim that this berry will offer up the fountain of youth and the benefits continue to even thwart common chronic illness.

The Goji berry is grown in sub-tropical climates in China, Mongolia, and regions in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. China claims to have been using the Goji berries for over six thousand years, and claim that the Goji is native to their country. The Chinese Goji berries are also called the Wolfberry. While the Tibetan farmers claim that their berries are the most pure than those of the Chinese, they all believe the same thing. The Goji berries promote longevity, and they too feel that illness will be prevented if the berry is drunk. The little tart-sweet berry is picked off the shrub, but will not last
a long time, therefore, they are often dried like raisins, or mixed into tea. Goji berries are eaten any number of ways: raw (like grapes), dried like raisins and cranberries, turned into juice, wine, or herbal tea.

The Goji berry has many health benefits. The little berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E. This can boost immune system and help with vision. The Goji contains high levels of carotenoids such as beta-carotene. This will also aid us in stopping the normal aging process. Goji berries have quickly been added to the list of helpful berries. Berries like blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, cherry, and acai berries have all proved to have benefits and all have been made into tea.

While the benefits of this fruit seem plentiful, there has not ever been any testing done to prove the effectiveness of benefit. But with most things the research will continually be done and health benefits always challenged, there are a few side-effects and warnings to its usage. It is not recommended for those on blood thinners or those who have high blood pressure. The Goji tea will interact with these drugs and medicines.

Tea continues to be the traditional use of the Goji berry. Teas can be purchased (bagged or even powdered form) at health food stores, organic stores, mail order, or on-line stores.
Several large name brand tea makers carry Goji berry tea bags, often mixed with other antioxidant rich foods.

So you may not be looking for the fountain of your youth, you just want to feel good about the foods you consume. Goji berry tea may be next in line for you!

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