Did Depression Kill Michael Jackson?

Did Depression Kill Michael Jackson?
With the sudden death of pop star and music icon, Michael Jackson, investigators, reporters, friends and family are all scrambling to figure out how and more importantly - why?

Reports out of Michael Jackson's camp over the last few years have suggested that Michael suffered from clinical depression for many years. So the question remains, did depression kill Michael Jackson?

Possible red flags that could be made for a case of clinical depression include:

1. Isolation - Jackson was reported to have been very lonely and guarded in the last couple of years. Rarely making public appearances and keeping his inner circle very small.

2. Poor Physical Health - While there are no reports that Jackson suffered from any major health problems, his deteriorating health may be attributed to the physical manifestations of clinical depression. Remember that depression does not just affect a personal mentally and emotionally, but can also result in physical pain.

3. Major Stress Episode - It's no secret that Michael Jackson's trial took a serious emotional and physical toll on him. Major sources of stress such as a death, divorce, or a trial (particularly one judging the character of a major public figure), can and usually do lead to bouts of serious depressive disorder episodes.

4. Song Lyrics - I mention song lyrics because I know a little something about the music business. I would bet $100 bucks that many of the songs that are quite introspective and talk about "loving him" and "his childhood" were all songs written or co-written by Jackson. While many of his fans adored him for these heartfelt songs, I see many of them as a cry for help expressed in the best way he could.

5. Drug Abuse - Jackson suffered some serious burns during an accident during the recording of a Pepsi commercial, and it is speculated that he started taking and eventually started abusing painkillers after this incident. This is actually typical of a lot of people who have no idea if they have a predisposition to addiction, in addition to the fact that hospital prescribed painkillers are very strong. Quite easy to become addicted to - especially ones to make you sleep.

6. Insommia - It is alleged that Jackson took prescription drugs at home in order to sleep. It could be that at some point he became addicted to painkillers and needed them to sleep and to wake up, or it could be that he suffered from depression-induced insomnia and needed the drugs to get to sleep. Of course it could be a combination of either of these.

Toss in the type of celebrity Jackson had to live with his entire life, and it appears that Jackson was a prime candidate for depression.

So did depression kill Michael Jackson? We probably will never know the entire truth, but I think it's safe to say that he was and unfortunately didn't receive the sort of intervention that he so desperately needed...

1. To Feel Connected

2. To Heal Wounds From Childhood

3. To Be Able To Trust Others

4. To Be Drug Free

5. To Have A Sense Of Worth Outside Of His Celebrity

While we may never have to walk in his shoes, we can all learn lessons from Michael Jackson's story. It's important to never stop trying to beat your depression demons. You know those angry little monsters that creep into your life and try to destroy it - by bringing you emotionally lower and lower, until you have little else to hold onto.

Keep trying different depression treatments, solutions, interventions, clinicians, religion, etc. Anything you think is a healthy alternative to living a life filled with depression.

For more information on how to beat your depression naturally - without drugs - visit author Lisa Angelettie's site: NaturallyDepressionFree.com

Lisa Angelettie MSW, "GirlShrink" is a psychotherapist, author, and certified Life Coach. Her site GirlShrink.com is the #1 "Advice & Counseling" site on the web.

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