The Tea Association of the United States

The Tea Association of the United States
The Tea Association of The United States

What is this group? This association is the formation of three different groups in the United States. These three are: Tea Association of the USA, Inc., The Tea Council of the USA, and The Specialty Tea Institute.

What is the Tea Association of the United States for and what does this group actually do? The tea industry relies very heavily on this group to have a share in its protection of the tea industries best interests. The Tea Association will promote the growth of the tea industry, and will continue to support the tea industries good financial outcomes.

Along with the financial concerns of the tea industry, the Tea Association will continue to develop marketing and all types of media to show tea in a positive light. The Tea Association will heartily defend the image of the tea industry, and will help to protect the industry against any harmful allegations.

While the Tea Association is made of three separate groups, they continue to share common interests for industry and business. All three groups are based in New York City, but do function differently and offer similar but different specialties. The Tea Association of the United States serves tea industry members and holds the annual conventions. The Tea Council of the United States promotes tea consumption in the United States. And the Specialty Tea Institute serves to give its registry information and assistance to its retailers.

So are the only members of the separate organizations or the combined Tea Association of the United States just businesses or large corporations? No. Separate individuals can become members, very small businesses, and peripheral business and venders can also be members. For example, The Specialty Tea Institute has a home-based business idea. For the price of membership to the institute, and a separate fee for start-up one can learn how to start, how to run, how to promote, and how to maintain a tea party business. This can be run from the confines of your home. So armed with ideas and a great association behind you, it would be easy to begin to be a business owner.

But why would the home-based business operator, or just the simple tea drinker care about this big association? Because quite simply they are the tea industry watch-dog group and the association continues to look at the trends in tea. Just recently the president of the Tea Association, Joe Simrany told many at a recent meeting that the tea industry continues to grow in the United States. The growth has been stimulated by a call from the consumer to be provided with healthier alternatives to drink. Most consumers are turning away from overly sugared drinks, and are opting for more natural products that are loaded with great things such as antioxidants and vitamins. The tea industry is beginning to answer the call with several large drink manufacturers offering ready to drink bottles of tea in new and exciting flavors, and sweetened with organic sugar cane.

With thoughts of our children’s health as well, next on the horizon are soon to be offerings for herbals for children. These tea drinks would be caffeine free,and antiallergenic.
And they would be in the ready to drink format. And finally the Tea Association continues to work with the global initiatives, which is also a cry from the regular consumer. The Tea Association will continue to improve the qualities of tea, and understand and face social issues; concern for the environment and people, the sustainability of the Earth, and the continuation of good standards of operation.

The Tea Association continues to protect itself and protect the consumer by its regulation and high standards of operation.
One can visit The Tea Association’s web-site for a wealth of information and interesting tidbits on tea.

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