Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys
Everyone knows how to navigate t

Everyone knows how to navigate through Microsoft Windows using a mouse and the point-and-click interface but there are also many shortcut keys that can be used. These keys allow you to easily move around the Windows interface and quickly access many features and applications.

Below is a listing of various shortcut keys that can be used with a Windows keyboard which is a keyboard with a Windows key and is fairly standard issue with newer computers and laptops. If you don’t have a Windows keyboard these shortcuts will not work for you but you can easily upgrade your keyboard if you so desire. To activate the shortcut press the Windows Key plus the key listed next to it in the table.

Vista Shortcut Keys

+ustarts the Ease of Use Center which allows you to alter various Windows settings to allow easier interaction with the Windows Interface.
+twill allow you to cycle through open programs that have been minimized to the task bar.
+Tabstarts the Flip 3-D feature of Windows Vista which allows you to view open items in a 3-D view. Continuously pressing the key combination will allow you to cycle through the open programs until you find the one you want to launch.

will cycle through the sidebar Gadgets if you are using the sidebar and have active Gadgets.

+spacebarbrings the sidebar to the front of the screen so you can view the gadgets while working.
+xlaunches the Vista Mobility Center which allow you to modify the mobile settings for your laptop.

Windows XP and Vista Shortcut Keys

+dwill minimize all programs and display the desktop.
+eopens Windows Explorer to allow you to access and organize your folders and files.
+flaunches the search application to help you locate folders and files.
+llocks the workstation with you password so other users cannot access your system.
+mminimizes all open programs to the task bar.

opens the Run dialog box.

+Pause/Breakwill open the system control panel which allows you to make changes to your system configuration.

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