Beat The Back To School Blues

Beat The Back To School Blues
There is a wide variety of readers who visit the depression department here at, some are in high school, some in college, others are adults going back to school for advanced degrees or certification programs. The common thread among them all is that many start to feel the "back to school blues" around this time every year.

Signs You May Have The Back To School Blues:

1. You are a student
2. You are not sleeping well lately
3. You are thinking about the first day of school a lot
4. You are checking and double-checking your school supply list
5. You are worried that you are missing something for back to school
6. You are not eating well
7. You have unexplained stomach aches
8. You have lost interest in doing things that you like
9. You are sleeping more than usual
10. You are already plotting on how you can get out of the first week of school

Now these signs can vary of course and many or similar to typical "depression" symptoms - but you get the idea. You are preoccupied with starting this new chapter in your life and it could be for many different reasons..

1. You had a bad year in school last year. Something really affected you during the school year such as bad grades, a negative experience with a teacher/professor, or a bad social incident with friends/classmates.

2. You always get a little overwhelmed with the idea of starting something "new" and somewhat unexpected every year. New school perhaps. New teachers. New rules. New classmates.

3. You are not ready for the summer to end, because you enjoy many of the activities or the not having to do schoolwork during that time. You had a great summer and don't want those feelings to end. Or you had a very relaxed and commitment free summer and don't want to go back to the duties and responsibilities of being a student.

*4. You could be a parent of a student and you are a little down to see the summer end and that younger kid back to the "routine" of school or your college student going back to living in the dorms and away from you. You could also be a student yourself who needs to go to college for better job advancement but it's putting a strain on your work performance and personal life.

Tips For Getting Past The Back To School Blues:

1. Change your expectations. Do not put such pressure on school, teachers, or students at the school. Let the year unfold the way it is going to unfold. Embrace the new start.

2. Do things to improve and increase the amount of time you sleep, if you are getting little sleep, such as turning off the TV in your room or limiting sugar and caffeine before bed. If you are sleeping too much, set the alarm clock and demand from yourself that you get up and do "something" and not stay in bed.

3. Use mood busters such as listening to your favorite music, going for a walk, having sex (my favorite:), or reading a great novel.

4. Stop thinking about it by fitting all those little things you meant to do during the summer but didn't do. Donate all those winter clothes that aren't going to work or fit this winter. Get in touch with an old friend. Make a few little improvements to your bedroom or kitchen.

5. Retail therapy is always nice. Buy something (just one thing though) to make yourself feel good. For me that's a new book or a new skin care product. For you it could be whatever makes you smile. Back-to-school sales are rampant so you can really get a good deal on something just for you at almost any store.

6. Talk it out. It's always the best idea to talk out feelings of the blues, depression and anxiety with a mental health professional, pastor, priest, parent, or trusted confidant.

For more depression tips and information on how to beat your depression naturally - without drugs - visit author Lisa Angelettie's website:

Lisa Angelettie MSW, "GirlShrink" is a psychotherapist, published author, and certified Life Coach.
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