It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh Book Review

It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh Book Review
Bestselling author and host of TLC’s Clean Sweep Peter Walsh has a new release aimed to help teens get organized and better prepared to deal with the schedules and demands of life.

The book It’s All Too Much So Get It Together, acknowledges the new landscape of the busy teen with schedules that most CEO’s have assistants to handle. From afterschool activities, to planning for college to social networking, family time and of course actual school work teens need a good foundation and structure to handle it all.

The colorful and inviting book, jumps right into their world and chats with them like an insider. This allows for Walsh to connect in a different way than other organizing systems. He writes in their language, style, pace and format. The Introduction reads like a text message conversation between friends:

A list of ways from 11 to 1 you might have ended up with this book:

11. Your boyfriend got it for you as a “joke”. Well, at least you thought it was a joke…

10. Your girlfriend gave you that new graphic novel you really wanted, and you found this book tucked inside the same box…

9. You found it shoved in the glove compartment of your car on top of three broken ice scrapers and a crumpled-up McFlurry cup with an anonymous note: Thought you could maybe use this.

While it is a fun read and challenges teens to get it together it also tells why they need to get it together, beyond the fact that mom & dad are threatening to put everything in black bags and set them out for the weekly pickup.

The Most Important Question When It Comes to Your Clutter

“Before we continue, let’s just get one thing straight. The reason to declutter yourself/your room your life is not because clean is holy and messy is evil. It’s not because clean people are good and messy people are bad. Perhaps this seems like an obvious point, but it worth mentioning...The reason to purge your clutter, to get yourself organized, and to change your relationship with stuff is because it will improve your life.”

Getting young people to think about clutter, organization and life balance is a tough task since they are mostly wired to live for the moment at this time in their lives. Because of this, parents may over look the necessity of a book like It’s All Too much. That’s a mistake here’s why: a very successful friend of mine, who still struggles with clutter to this day even though he is second in charge at his company told me of a story from his youth. His room was much like every other teenager he knew. Clothes, records, books, notes all of it on the floor and thrown around his room. Routinely his mom would tell him to clean his room and threaten the loss of car keys, or worse no time to hang with friends at the mall. It was seem that my friend was being rebellious by never getting the task done. The truth was, he was overwhelmed and didn’t know how. He never knew where to start, what to keep and what to throw out and didn’t have a clue of the right place to put things. So each demand was met with the feeling of overwhelm and he was stuck and drawn into a lifelong anxiety of clutter.

If you’re able to get your teen thinking early in life, he can avoid this later life bondage. Walsh does a outstanding job with It’s All Too Much So Get it Together. Don’t wait for a special occasion to pick this up for your teen/young adult. One day they may thank you and besides, don’t you want to know what the carpet in their room actually looks like?

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