Overdipped Crystal candles

Overdipped Crystal candles
Putting a crystal overdip finish to a candle can be achieved with the following technique. It can be used with almost any candle made at home or bought at a store.This crystal overdip will add an almost dew like, frosty, shimmering appearance to your candle.

Supplies needed:

Candle - homemade or bought
Stearin - 3 pounds
Double burner - a melting pot and steamer pot
Candy thermometer
Wooden spoon or wood stirring sticks
Pliers or something to grip candle wick when dipping candle
Paper towels
Wax remover

Prepare work space with newspaper or butcher paper
Cover burners with aluminum foil
Always use safe practices. Never leave melting wax unattended and do not exceed maximum allowed temperature of the particular wax you are using according to manufacturers recommendation.

Fill bottom portion of double burner with approximately two inches of water and place on burner. Turning heat to high.

Place 2 pounds of stearin in melting pot of double burner.

When water begins to boil turn heat down to medium.

When the existing stearin is melted add more of the stearin until it is full enough to cover the candle to be dipped. Leave enough space in the pot to allow for displacement when you dip your candle.

Stir the stearin frequently to keep temperature constant throughout as it melts.

Bring the stearin to a temperature of 201-210 degrees Fahrenheit. Your stearin must be maintained above 200 degrees F or the finish will give you the distinct crystalline appearance that you want. If your stearin temperature exceeds 210 degrees F the finish will be uneven or matted. You may use a test candle or old piece of wax before committing to dipping your candle. The proper temperature must be maintained, so be sure to monitor the stearin temperature constantly. Stir often to ensure proper temperature is maintained evenly.

Once the the proper temperature is confirmed, you are now ready to dip your candle.

Remove melting pot from burner during the dipping process.

Grasp your candle by the wick with your pliers firmly.

In one swift motion, smoothly dip the candle into the stearin covering the desired portion of the candle and retract it out completely. Your stearin will have covered the entire surface of the candle. Hold the candle in the air with the pliers for about 15-30 seconds. The crystallization should immediately be seen.

Place candle down on its base to let dry completely, approximately 1-2 minutes.

Tips for an even finish:

Wiping down your candles before dipping with a paper towel and Windex will remove any oils that may have adhered to the candle from your hands. After cleaning candle, do not handle it by hand. Oily residue on the surface of the candle will affect the even finish of the stearin.

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