Partying Do's and Don'ts

Partying Do's and Don'ts
As a college student, you will likely be invited to many parties. While parties can be fun, they can also be very dangerous. The danger can be mitigated by following the do’s and don’ts below:


Do make sure you have a safe way home
Plan in advance how you will get home. Make sure that you have a sober ride or sober person to walk you home.

Do bring a phone and emergency cash
You never know what might happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Have a phone to be able to call for help and some cash that you do not plan to spend unless there is an emergency.

Do watch out for your friends
It is important to stay with people you trust and look out for one another. If you plan on drinking alcohol, make sure at least one of your friends does not drink to be able to make clear decisions.

Do remain in well-lit areas
When walking outside, choose well-lit routes because areas with good lighting are the safest.

Do know your limit
It’s easy to drink too much without realizing it. Getting drunk can sound like fun, but it can result in making stupid decisions that may haunt you in the future. Know your limit and stick to it.


Don’t go out alone
Women alone are more vulnerable to being sexually assaulted or robbed. It’s safer to travel in groups. Schedule your party plans with friends you trust.

Don’t leave your drink
It is too easy for someone to slip something into your drink. Make sure you or one of your trusted friends is watching your drink at all times. If you walk away from your drink, consider it finished and get a new one.

Don’t get photographed drinking
Photographs of parties, drinking, and drunk activities are often posted to social media sites. While this may seem harmless at the time, once a photograph is on the Web, it may be impossible to erase all traces of it. When it comes time to apply for a job, the photograph may be found and could you employment opportunities.

Don’t leave your phone
Phones often contain a lot of information. Your phone may contain private text messages, pictures, open social media pages, bank account information, or friends’ contact information. Private information on your phone can easily be read or forwarded. If your phone is left, you are vulnerable to invasions of privacy and identity theft. In addition, leaving your phone makes it easier for it to be stolen.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach
Always eat before you go out. Not only will it keep you from getting hungry later, it will help you be able handle to alcohol.

Partying in college is considered a tradition to many college students. However, it can be quite dangerous. When you drink, it is easy to become a victim or to make unwise decisions. To keep yourself a safer, follow the do’s and don’ts above if you decide to go partying.

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