Tea, The U2 Way

Tea, The U2 Way
Tea, The U2 Way

Located in the heart of the hustle and the bustle of Dublin Ireland, and along the River Liffey stands The Clarence Hotel. Inside the hotel located on the first floor is a tea room. The tea room is aptly and quite simply named The Tea Room.

This tea room is constantly frequented by celebrities of all kinds. What brings them there? Perhaps it is that the owners of The Tea Room and The Clarence Hotel are none other than two of the larger than life band members named Bono and The Edge of U2!

Here is a small brief history of The Clarence Hotel. The Clarence was originally built in 1852. It was then refurbished in the late 1930’s. Soon after that for some reason artists, writers, designers, and musicians began to flock there. This tradition continues on today. The late 1980’s approached and the Irish band named U2 were “hanging out” at the bar located in The Clarence. Soon,the two famous regulars were now calling The Clarence Hotel home too! Bono and The Edge began to notice that the building was crumbling and was becoming somewhat of an eyesore. So in 1992, Bono and The Edge purchased The Clarence Hotel and began to refurbish it. The pair thought of all of their personal sentimental value there, and could not leave the decaying hotel behind. So they purchased it!

The Tea Room offers so much. The Tea Room has three meals available, 2 course lunches, children’s menus and dinner party menus that consist of several small choices of dishes. The Tea Room surroundings are considered contemporary or minimalist. The furnishings are sophisticated with attention to presentation. Large banks of windows that are extra long or “double the height” face south and bring in tons of light.

The Tea Room is often touted by Ireland’s rich and famous, as the best restaurant in Dublin or the world-over. Bono and The Edge insist on foods that are innovative while “keeping it simple” is the mantra associated with the band U2. The Band U2 bases their music on the highest of quality, and strives to extol an attention to detail. They ask this from their staff, chefs, and of the restaurant too.

While the band continues to try to change the world and lesson each of the burdens on the infirmed, sick, and political refugees, Bono and Edge insist that the quality of their fish/seafood and meats be only from the local fishermen, and local meat markets. All of the desserts are homemade from scratch. And other desserts for the tea table like, breads, chocolates, and chutneys are also handmade with loving care just like your mother’s.

The Tea Room continues into what is named The Study Café. This is a tea room that offers a “homey-type” of feel and an air of privacy. Casual menus are offered here and throughout the day, this with a full beverage and tea service offered around the clock.
Here is just a sampling of tea offered throughout the The Clarence Hotel experience.

Here is a small sample list of beverages on the menu:

Leaf Teas
Herbal Infusions
China green tea
Breakfast & Earl Grey
Chamomille buds
Peppermint leaf
Bliss (which is lemon grass, ginger, mint,)

Coffees, espresso, latte, cappuccino and fine Irish Beers are also on the menu.

Along with the great teas already on the menu is a host of wonderful and delightfully tasty treats. Here is just a sampling of those sweet and delectable treats:

Bread and Butter pudding (cinnamon and orange butter)
Rhubarb Crumble (with cream)
Warm chocolate brownies
Lemon Tarts
Homemade ice cream
Sconce with butter and jam

All of this sounds yummy! It is said that those who frequent The Clarence Hotel will be ushered in with fervor and the staff will pay great attention to all of your needs in an effort to make your stay an impeccable one.

It is said that oft times Bono and The edge can not only be seen there, but they often will “play” there! So if you go, hold your cuppa tea, hoist it in the air for a toast and be on the look out for U2!

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