The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant Tarot Card
The Fool in the guise of the Emperor has been traveling for a time in the colorful Autumn forest. He is getting tired and the children are starting to irritate him. It is time to find a new land to conquer and make his own. As he emerges into a shady glen, he sees a church in front of him. It is a small, but well maintained building and he is drawn to go forward and through the stained glass doorways.

At the pulpit a man dressed in red and white robes is seated on a throne. He wears a three tiered crown and he seems to be deep in thought as he listens to the two men standing before him. The Fool/Emperor steps forward and as is his way, becomes the Heirophant.

The Fool/Heirophant feels a sudden rush of power and passion. He is totally immersed in the inner world of spiritual contemplation. The logical well ordered world of the Emperor has been left behind, as the Fool witnesses the richness and glory of the spirit. He suddenly realizes that he is a channel between divinity and the people. He sits in awe and wonder as his mind is filled with esoteric knowledge.

The Heirophant is the counterpart of the High Priestess in a sense. Whereas the High Priestess is connected to the earth and the elements, the Heirophant channels his power from a higher source. The Fool felt this power as the Magician.. who channeled the power of the Universe through his upraised hand and into the earth, but it was raw power with no concrete definition.

The Heirophant is more refined and defined. He acknowledges that there is a power greater than him, and he gives it a name and a definition. Through the Heirophant, the Fool has found God, in whatever sense he understands God to be.

Wearing robes of white underneath his robes of red, the Heirophant reflects the same pattern of purity combined with knowledge that we have witnessed in both the Magician and the Emperor. But, whereas duality has ruled in the other cards thus far, the Heirophant with his three tiered crown and sculptor has brought a third dimension to the table. He is the trinity of body, mind and spirit, reflected in the father, son and holy ghost.

Tarot wise, the Heirophant represents arcane knowledge or higher knowledge. He is often seen as a Priest, a mentor, or a counselor. But, he always imparts sacred and useful knowledge.

The Fool looks out over his congregation and sees his children sitting among his faithful flock. He smiles as he delivers his sermon which is based upon gratitude and faith. His small dog Wisdom is curled up next to him at his feet. The sun shining through the stained glass windows dapples her white fur with rainbow colored hues as she snores softly in the warmth of the church.

After the sermon, several people step forward to speak with the Heirophant, their teacher and mentor. He raises his hand and channels the wisdom of the divine in answer to their questions. He is no longer in control.

If the Heirophant slips into your cards, he is telling you to trust in something beyond yourself. Know that everything in the Universe has a rhyme and reason. Nothing is random, it is all part of a much bigger picture. And, sometimes it takes time to realize that you don't always get what you want, but very often you do get what you need. The Heirophant doesn't always represent religion, but he does always represent trusting in something beyond yourself.

The Fool/Heirophant feels the need to step forward once again. It is time to bring his wisdom and knowledge to a bigger audience. He adjusts his robes, beckons to his children, wakes up Wisdom and glides forward.

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