Nintendogs Breed Listing - Dachshund Set

Nintendogs Breed Listing - Dachshund Set
Nintendogs isn't just one game. It's a collection of games, and each item in the series offers a series of breeds of dogs that are available. Depending on which particular Nintendog box you buy, you will have certain dogs available to play with. The following set of dogs are available on the Nintendog Dachshund box set.

Beagle - The beagle is a small hunting dog with a pattern of black, brown and white on its body. Beagles have long, floppy ears. Beagles hunted in packs, and made loyal pets.

Golden Retriever - Golden retreivers, as the name might indicate, are "retrievers" in hunting, great for hunting ducks and pheasant. They are large dogs with long, sweeping tails and a rich, golden color. They are playful and fun.

Husky - Huskies are best known for pulling sleds up in the artic tundra of Alaska. With their large body and thick fur, they make perfect companions for hikers and campers.

Miniature Dachshund - These tiny, long thin dogs are nearly all black, with some brown on their nose and feet. It was bred to fit into long, thin tunnels that badgers lived in. Given the fierce reputation that badgers have, it's no surprise that these small hunters are quite aggressive.

Pug - The pug's history seems to trace to old China. The dog is a stocky breed, with great strength and intelligence. The wrinkles in the coat were specifically encouraged, as a sign of quality.

Shih Tzu - These delightful little fuzzy dogs are often found in the colors of black and white. They are very furry, have small eyes looking out from mounds of fur and can be extremely loyal to their owners.

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