Rock Pedal - Rock Band Drum Pedal

Rock Pedal - Rock Band Drum Pedal
Rock Pedal is a high quality after market pedal made for the Rock Band series of games. It works fine with both the standard drum kit as well as the Ion drum kit. We do our playing with Ion's kit, and enjoyed it immensely!

Rock Pedal Image They create this pedal from a Pulse base, with heavy duty metal coils and a chain driven return system. It is far more sturdy than the default pedals that come either with the regular Rock Band kit or even the more sturdy Ion Drum kit.

So, how does it hold up to intense playing?

Compared with the original pedal, the return is much more solid and definite, making it much easier to do the double-tap types of quick plays. By default it's a little steeper than the stock pedal, so you either need to adjust for that with your foot position or be flexible to be able to handle that.

There's grabby velcro on the bottom of the pedal, to help it dig into the carpet and not "walk away" while you play it. We found it a little too aggressive for our living room carpet, so we put it onto a microfiber cloth and then had the cloth on the carpet. That gave it enough of a grab without damaging the carpet. It has spikes as well.

It's a full pedal, usable on a real drum set, and it comes with a beater. So if you had an actual bass drum, you can do that. We haven't tried that ourselves - we only have the Ion kit and then a Roland TD-9SX. Well technically we do have a real drum kit in a corner in a pile, so if someone really needs us to figure that part out, we can work on it :)

It's important to note that the regular Rock Band kit uses a mini plug to plug in its drum pedal, while the Ion kit uses a quarter inch plug. So you need to be sure when you order your Rock Pedal upgrade that you ask for the Ion kit plug if you are using an Ion kit.

The cable that connects the pedal to the kit is thin - about the size of an iPod power cable. The other wires we have on our Ion drum kit are all a heavier thickness, and we would have wanted to have that heavier cable so it is a bit more durable. Especially since our kit cables are all nicely velcroed into place and will never be touched, while this drum pedal cable is going to be plugged and unplugged, moved around and yanked on in general. It could use to be a thicker one.

In general we love our Rock Pedal drum pedal. Well recommended for drumming fans of this series!

Rock Band Pedal Website

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