File Organization Extras

File Organization Extras
After finishing my previous articles about file organization on your personal computer I realized there were some additional tips and tricks that everyone should be aware of when organizing their data. The tips and tricks that I am providing may not apply to every person or every computer configuration but if they do not apply to your individual situation I hope they can at least provide some additional ideas.

Default Directory
Almost all programs have the option to set the default directory for saving and opening files. The initial default directory is typically defined by the software during the installation and it typically located under the Documents and Settings directory if you are using Microsoft Windows.

If you work with the default directory then there is no need to change the location but if you have created your own directory structure then it is beneficial to change this location. By changing the location the program will automatically select the specified directory for opening and saving files – this saves you time as you do not have to browse to your work directory each time you open or save a file.

Changing the default location varies for each program but typically is located under options. To find how to change in the software that you are using you can search the Help system (F1) or use Google to search the Internet.

Additional Photo Information
If you own a digital camera you understand how difficult it is to organize and keep track of all your photos that have been downloaded to your computer. (And if you are like me you are taking many more pictures with a digital camera than a film camera). With the proper software there are additional methods in which to categorize and organize photos making it easier to store and retrieve your photos.

When storing and organizing you photos many digital cameras (depending on the camera) apply data to the photos such as date taken, size, exposure and resolution and though this data is helpful it doesn’t help (except date) when trying to find the photo of Uncle Bob’s 80th birthday – this is where good photo organization software can help.

With the proper software, and some good organization skills, you can apply keywords and descriptions to your photos. This allows you to apply data such as event, person, place, and color – what ever helps identify the photo to make it easier to locate later.

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