Life Coaching Industry Revolution

Life Coaching Industry Revolution
Kim Fulcher’s meltdown may have seemed like the end of the world for a moment. A woman with not much to lose sat on her laundry room floor feeling…lost. How could this be? All of the signs of success were present. She had the great house, beautiful kids, and successful business, all of the things that would seem to make a woman’s dream come true. The night of the melt down Kim was not living her dream. She was stuck on a treadmill of accomplishment that caused her to trade in connecting with her heart for an out of balance life.

The Meltdown

As life experience has it, Kim’s melt down would not just be her moment of truth, but the moment of truth for business women all across the nation. Living to the point of burn out is a challenge for every business owner. Like Kim, without much notice on the road to success, areas of your life begin to fall apart. The kids grow up too fast, family events are missed, girlfriend dates are a thing of the past and exhaustion is an ever present friend.

One way to look at it is, if there’s no meltdown, (in its original sense of the term) the nuclear reactor would completely blow. In Kim’s case the near catastrophe caused her to turn her ship around and chart her course in a new powerful and refreshing direction.

Excerpt from the book: Remodel Your Reality by Kim Fulcher

“I felt empty inside, almost like a zombie. How had my life come to this? It was as if I were living one big to-do-list, which by some cruel joke of the universe was destined never to be completed. I was so stretched that I wasn’t sure I would ever regain my shape.

I wondered where the happy, passionate, joyful woman I’d once been disappeared to. “She’s buried under your life,” my inner voice informed me.”

Do you know that inner voice? It’s the one that gets weak and quiet when not given enough rest and nourishment. It’s the voice that whispers to you when you’re heading for the all too common crash and burn.

The Turn Around

That was a turn around day for Kim. She made several life choices that opened up space for her to get in touch with her heart. She read books, took classes and got strong again. Only this time it was a life-giving strength. She founded her own company, Compass Coaching with the belief that every woman should have access to affordable life coaching. In a manner that’s never been done before, she designed a program for women from all walks of life and economic levels to have the benefit of a supportive community and life coach.

Prior to this change, she says, life coaching was only available for those who could pay the often weighty $150.00-$300.00 an hour fee. Now, for just under $60.00 a month, women can work with a coach on various areas of life balance. The playing field was certainly not level and not accessible for women who were working just as long and hard as those for whom money was no object. Compass Coaching gives all women the benefit of life coaching. She has also opened the door for business women, nurses, therapist, authors, speakers with a passion for helping others to broaden their services by becoming a life coach. Brilliant!

In her book, Remodel Your Reality, Fulcher leads women back to their inner homes; which she sees as a place where they are strong and powerful yet not worn out by the burdensome cares of life. She leads you back to life balance in a way that makes you want to reach out and give a little helping hand to another who needs the strength of a supportive friend.

Her Company and Vision

I visited the Compass Community website for myself and found a feeling of solidarity. In the pages of the Compass Community women are seeing themselves in the faces of one another. They are sharing challenges and success, aspirations and inspiration; in short they are sharing life.

Fulcher believes that every woman should have access to affordable life coaching. I can only echo and share her message. I think Kim had a laundry room meltdown so that other women don’t have to have their own! Remodel Your Reality offers tools that you can use today to begin to do just that, begin a lifestyle reality check or makeover.

Jordan Mercedes is the Host of Thrive Connect Radio and a Personal Development Professional. She's passionate about helping women connect with resources that will help them reach their goals and dreams. She's a Life Coach advocate and has recently become a member of the Compass Community in an effort to bring affordable life coaching to women and girls around the county.

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