The Difference Between Ezines and Newsletters

The Difference Between Ezines and Newsletters
Magazines and newsletters have been in print for a long time. Take magazines like People, Time and Life. These magazines are now accessible on their websites.

Many of them do require a membership or paid subscription just as you would if you received them in the mail as a printed copy. You can even walk into any bookstore and check out the magazine and periodical shelves as they are called.

Newsletters, however are not found on shelves of bookstores. You will not find them for purchase in a store etc. In order to receive a newsletter you will need a subscription. This subscription could be paid or membership, required.

Before we go any farther I want to make it clear here the difference between ezines and newsletters. Around the internet the titles Ezines and Newsletters are used interchangeably, as being the same. There is some truth to that but for now we will go with the original meaning of the titles ezines and newsletters.

Ezines are Electronic Magazines you can view on the company's website or subscribe to. They are magazines of sorts. Ezines focus primarily on advertising, marketing and promoting of products or services. Ezines tell you what to buy and why you should buy it.

Ezines are usually very colorful and filled with graphics and photos. They are designed for the consumer to spend their money on a particular product or service. Ezines comes with a marketing pitch. You will not see a lot of "behind the scenes" with ezines. Ezines are the chosen vehicles used to mass market to consumers.

Newsletters, on the hand, are just that News-letters. Newsletters are very content based. They are letters sent out to subscribers with the news of a company, organization or business. This is where the "behind the scenes” comes to life for the outsider.

Now that we have established the difference between ezines and newsletters, let's look at the similarities. In today’s' ezines and newsletters markets, both are being combined into one. Meaning that both ezines and newsletters can carry the same information and marketing plan. This is also the reason ezines and newsletter are considered the same.

You can have an ezine (electronic magazine) that also highlights company news and information. You can have a newsletter (electronic newsletter) that also markets products or services.

So, as you can see there is a lot to think about when planning and constructing an ezine or newsletter for production. But once you have all the initial bases covered in the planning process the actual launching and maintaining should be fairly easy.

Remember it is easier to do something right in the beginning because you don't get another chance to do it over again once you start. This is not to say that you can't change your ezine or newsletter at any given time. There is always room for improvement and that's what we are going to work on here.

Whether you are new to the idea of doing a newsletter or ezine or have been sending the same one for years, we can find new ways of doing things. Now, all things will not work for ezines or newsletters, but at the same time you can choose what you want to try and discard what you don't.

So, continue to visit often and make sure you sign up for the Ezines and Newsletters Site newsletter. This way you will always know what is new and what is happening in the world of ezines and newsletters. Also, please join us in the community forum for discussions, questions and conversations of ezines and newsletters. You can also contact me personally with any comments, suggestions or questions by filling out the contact form under the Editor’s Bio.

Grace Dooley, Editor
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