Birds as Pets

Birds as Pets
Do you want a bird as a pet? You could have a lovely canary that may sing up a storm or a parrot friend such as the macaw. Birds as a pet have their advantages. However, they also have their disadvantages.

Birds are clever. Clever meaning they can find lots of mischief. Parrots will find even more tomfoolery if they are bored. Birds are highly intelligent. They are not a window dressing to be ignored. Birds are a flock animal and are highly social. If they don't have their flock, as a pet bird wouldn't, they need you for friendship. A bird cannot be kept in isolation they do not like to be alone. They cannot be confined to a cage day in and day out. They must have a variety of toys and other outside stimulus. They must have a change of bill of fare of new toys and a variety of healthy food. The dietary requirements of birds are much like a humans. They must have protein, grains, fruit, and vegetables.

Expect birds to be messy and destructive. If they are unhappy, unhealthy, or bored; even more destructive. If you can't deal with your stuff getting broken, ripped don't get a bird.

My first macaw dewallpapered my wall. The cage was on wheels and was fitted with a on top of cage playpen . Evidently, the cage had gotten moved closer to the wall. I was busy doing something and the macaw evidently wasn't happy. He didn't have my attention and promptly peeled the wallpaper off the wall.

Always expect the unexpected. Often from the upper floor the bird would hear us yell out to in response to a knock at the door - Come in! One day I got a phone call wondering why we were yelling come in and had the door locked. No one had been home. When people knocked at the door, the macaw was yelling come in to each rap at the door!

A bird will make considerable noise! This is their nature. If you have close neighbors that don't like noise, a bird is not for you.

A bird can be very affectionate and loving. A pet bird can be a great friend and even a confidant. They love to be close to you, see you, hear you and share every moment possible with you. They love to be at your side or on your shoulder. You will be delighted when he tucks his head and asks for a scratch.

Most birds have long life spans many birds extremely long life spans. Before you get a bird make sure there is someone willing to love your bird and care for your bird as you would if something should happen to you.

Diana Geiger Exotic Pets Editoron

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