Is it Better to Work for a Big Company?

Is it Better to Work for a Big Company?
Big organizations have their perks. Larger organizations can definitely offer more benefits and incentives to their employees. Lower cost health insurance, dental and vision plans are just some of the perks that they can offer. This raises the question - are there any benefits to working for a smaller company?
Most definitely.

Consider all of the red tape involved in requisitioning even a simple stapler within a large organization. Layers of forms, approvals and endless waiting tend to make you a number in a sea of formalities and all you wanted to do was staple. This is only one of the frustrations that you can encounter when working for a large organization. Then again, you may feel that despite these inconveniences, a large company is the better fit. But wait. Consider for a moment, the hidden perks of a smaller company.

Better relationship building. While a larger organization may offer you more co-workers, a small company allows time for relationship cultivation. It may also offer the opportunity to work in a much closer proximity with the company owner. Smaller companies also allow for more beneficial mentor-mentee relationships.

Tangible results are realized faster. Supposed you’ve come up with the next big idea or have a winning proposal that is sure to garner the company recognition. The red tape and endless bureaucracy as the project goes up the chain of approval can often be disheartening. A smaller company provides the avenue for faster recognition of your work. Constant contact with the company owner will often place your work in the spotlight.

The ability to wear more hats. While many may translate this into more work, it can actually be a good situation. By virtue of their size, smaller companies require that individuals be cross trained in many areas of the organization. This cross training will add depth to your resume. The one dimensional skill set practiced in larger organizations tend to pigeon hole employees into doing only one type of work.

Smaller companies also have a less complex interview process. This is not to say smaller companies are not looking for the best employees, they definitely are. When the owner of the company is looking for an employee, she has little time to spend bringing numerous candidates in for multiple interviews.

There are so many tangible and intangible reasons that smaller companies should not automatically be shunned in an effort to join larger organizations. While larger organizations do have many perks they can offer their employees, smaller companies have may opportunities that can enhance your career. So the next time you’re considering the best type of company to fit into your career path, take a look at smaller companies. They may be just the right size to enrich your career.

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