5 Reasons Not to Travel Solo

5 Reasons Not to Travel Solo
When you're contemplating taking a solo trip, there are definitely things that you need to take into consideration about your personality, your preferences, and your comfort levels. Ask yourself five quick questions before booking that solo trip out of the gate.

1. Are you comfortable striking up conversations with complete strangers?

When you're out solo on the road, you will either talk to people or become completely bored by the voices in your head. If you are not comfortable striking up conversations with others - whether it's a wait staff at a local restaurant or a ranger at a national park or monument - you need to evaluate if solo travel is truly for you. You may find that the lack of people to talk to is not for you.

2. When you're out and about during a normal week and you're on your own, are you addicted to staying connected with your friends on your phone?

When you're on a Solo Travel excursion, you cannot keep your friends glued to their phones just because you don't want to appear to be on your own. Sending text after text to your friends while you're supposed to be enjoying some "You Time" on the road gets tiring for everyone.

3. Is where you want to go a safe place to be alone?

Safety always needs to be a primary concern for any solo traveler. If the place you want to go is not secure, don't go. If you don't know if you'll feel comfortable going there by yourself, don't go alone. Take someone else the first time you go, get your feet wet and get comfortable, and then the next time you want to take a vacation, consider going there alone.

4. Can you afford the monetary hit to travel alone?

Face it, traveling with a companion can take some strain off the expenses. Consider splitting the bill if you want to get out of town but just can't swing paying for the lodging and rental car.

5. Do you need a safety net?

If you're the type of person that needs to have that second person there to watch your luggage, call the cabs, and be the leaning post, going it alone may make you entirely miserable.

Keep your focus, know your own preferences, and stay within your comfort zone until you're confident that striking out on your own is what you want to do.

Safe Travels!

Safe Travels.

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