The Time is Now

The Time is Now
In our most secure, we are the least prompted to explore.

As trials and curiosities rise to the surface, things that were once understood to be true, begin falling away. This is the process of Life.

When our reality is most challenged, uncertainty unveils the excellences of possibilities in the here and now.

It is here that we are standing at the yard line of a new chapter in our lives and if it is within our possibility, avoiding the consumption of resistance, depression and confusion of the unknown, it is greatness that we can expect to be produced. However, it won't always be in the way that we expect!

Each of us comes within this plane as having gifted abilities. Some known right away, while others lay dormant waiting for some type of catastrophy or spiritual dam to be broken.

As each day presents challenges and underlying spiritual issues, creating and re-creating holding patterns in our lives, collective energies come together in perfect union to direct us with growth and emerging learning pathways.

If we can discern opportunities from the birthing pains of transition, we are then put in touch with our truest north as we follow the Universal, “Yellow Brick Road” of goal achieving fluency and purpose in divine living.

Why is this so very important? Because if it isn’t understood just how it is and why it is we undergo the things that we do, there is the strongest possibility that resentment and anger, the sensation of abandonment and all of the more negative influences in this experience of life begin to build and take residence.

The very things we started out pursuing with a vision or something as simple as the touch of a horse’s mane, begins to fade and wilt due to the malnutrition of faith, hope, love and desire.

There is another side. A knowing that only comes from entering and going through the dark time. The dark time is a birthing process. It makes you stronger, pulls together all of the variables you once had scattered amongst sorted certainty.

It is here and now that for the moment of being, that it isn’t what you may have lost, but what has developed in the process of losing, good or bad, in or out of personal surroundings, the process of being.

The results are now warranted and needed as the strong-holds for the now times and those to come.

There isn't and will never be that of a thorn for not.

Clairvoyance Editor
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