Project Gotham Racing on XBox

Project Gotham Racing on XBox
For those who love racing games, Project Gotham Racing boasts amazing graphics, incredible physics and hundreds of great courses.

Project Gotham Racing on XBoxI love car racing games. I've watched over the years as car models have gotten better and better looking, as the cars have handled more and more like a real car. Project Gotham Racing really takes all of these to the next level.

While there isn't a huge selection of cars here, the ones that are represented are done VERY well. All of the details are there, including lighting detail and dents when you crash. The cars have great physics, so while you're doing all sorts of fancy slides and spins, the cars handles just like a real car would. I take my real car for winter driving practice in icy parking lots, and have tried some of these things :)

The kudos system helps make the game even more interesting. Instead of just racing to the end of a course, you have to do so with style. Ride on two wheels, do spins, and avoid hitting other cars and objects for more points. The more points you get, the more special features and courses you unlock.

The courses and towns are done extremely well. There are a variety of cities you get to drive through, and in each one you really get a feel for that area. London, Tokyo, New York and San Francisco are the basis for the tracks.

The Project Gotham series has gone on from here, so this is well worth going back to just to get a sense of where the game has progressed, if you're a fan of the later releases. It's always fun to watch the changes in a game over time, both in graphics as well as in "plot".

Highly recommended to any racing fan!

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