Women vs. Women - Collaboration in the Workplace

Women vs. Women - Collaboration in the Workplace
You would think in an office full of women, there would be an air of peace, harmony and productivity right? What happens when you put a bunch of women in an office? While some would consider it reverse sexism, most women feel that an office full of women is one of the worst environments to work in. Jealousy, cat fights, attitudes and emotions all get in the way of what could be a healthy, happy and productive workplace.

What is the best way for women to get along in the workplace?

Step one - Realize that not every woman in the workplace is after your job. Sure there will always be a level of competition among employees competing for promotions. This does not mean, however, that everyone in the workplace is after your job. If you feel threatened, try talking to the woman you’ve identified as a threat. It could be that they are simply looking for a mentor or just trying learn something new. Once you feel comfortable that their intensions are harmless, try sharing the knowledge.

Step two - Thicken up your skin. Emotions and crying spells really have no business in the workplace. Remember at the end of the day you get to go home. It’s important to keep things in perspective and learn how not to take criticism so personally. Learn what you can from constructive criticism and let the rest of it roll off your back. So what if your co-worker doesn’t like your new sweater. Everyone is not going to like everything about you.

Step Three - Refrain from gossiping about your co-workers. You may have only told your feelings about your co-worker to your best friend, but you forgot that she has friends too. The next thing you know that little confidential tidbit you shared has been shared with the one person you didn’t want to know.

Step Four - Learn to help and help will be reciprocated. Sounds too simplistic doesn’t it? If one woman gets in the habit of helping others, the results can be contagious. Set the example for other women in the office by showing that you are a team player and not afraid of assisting others. Keeping information to yourself for fear of competition can only hurt you in the long run. There may come a time when you may need assistance. Start now to lay the ground work in fostering an attitude of collaboration with other women in the office.

Women are excellent workers. Each brings phenomenal skills and unique abilities. Imagine the power if women in the office channeled their efforts to getting along and creating a strong workforce. Remember the goal is not to aim for confrontation but collaboration.

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