Nano Power Finish - A green cleaning solution

Nano Power Finish - A green cleaning solution
A green cleaning solution - Ultra-thin nanotechnology particles protect your auto, your home and the environment.

Nano Power Finish presnts an entirely new approach to cleaning, whether for your auto, your home or your workplace. Now there is a way to coat virtually any surface so effectively that dirt doesn’t stick. This new approach is based on nanotechnology and actually reduces cleaning time by up to 60%. Nano Power Finish forms an invisible, protective, microscopic coating that preserves the natural beauty of surfaces, repels dirt and water, and makes cleaning quick and easy.

How does it work? Nanotechnology finishing particles are so small they work at the sub-molecular level. These small particles migrate into the microscopic crevices in surfaces, penetrating 80% deeper than traditional finishes. Nano finishing particles seal hard surfaces so effectively that they actually repel dust, grease and liquids. Any dirt that does rest on the slick surfaces is easily wiped away. “Nano” protected surfaces are easier to clean, thus the need for harsh detergents and chemicals is dramatically reduced. Once applied there is no residue left on the surface and no oils, waxes or solvents to burn off.

How to keep our autos sparkling clean with least effort and cost, while cutting down on chemical use? And how to keep our environment clean with less time for cleaning at home. Nano Power Finish solves both these problems. Today’s challenge is not only about using more green products, it’s also about using less total chemicals to do the same amount of work. Nanotechnology is meeting this challenge and is helping to define a whole new definition of green.

Nano Power Finish is an eco-friendly product that contains no waxes, oils, or petrochemicals.It is water-soluble and both reducces exposure to hazardous chemicals and also helps the environment by reducing use of hazardous chemicals. Expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals are simply no longer necessary.

And because the finish is long-lasting even the need to chemical cleaners is reduces. It can be used on virtually any surface on the car or home. For the car: painted body, grill, wheels, windows, mirrors, headlights, dashboard - for the home: countertops, cabinets, glass tables, desks, windows, mirrors, TV's and computer screens, stainless steel appliances, glass and ceramic stovetops, sinks, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, outdoor kitchen equipment and furniture.

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