Increase Your Influence at Work - Book Review

Increase Your Influence at Work - Book Review
People tend to think that the ability to influence is only available to those in power - managers, supervisors or CEO’s. In fact, the ability to increase your influence in the workplace is a skill that can be developed. Increase Your Influence at Work (WorkSmart Simple Solutions for Busy People) by Perry McIntosh and Richard A. Luecke is an easy read/workbook that will help you to develop that important skill.

Whether it’s a proposal that needs management support, becoming involved in the decision making process or increasing your corporate exposure - learning how to influence others is paramount in achieving these goals. While it sounds like an impossible, if not daunting task, McIntosh and Luecke starts your journey with the foundation in three basic words - trustworthiness, reliability and assertiveness.

How is that possible? Consider trustworthiness. Are you more apt to be influenced by someone who does what they say their going to do by the date they set or someone who does not follow up or makes false promises? Consider assertiveness. Keep in mind that being assertive does not mean the same as pushy or obnoxious.

Increase Your Influence at Work provides a blue print for readers to follow in order to not only help you become more influential, but to be influential and stay within the bonds of ethical and moral decision making.

The book is divided into 6 easy to read chapters. Each chapter contains descriptors of the key terms. The chapter review provides an “open book quiz” for the reader and space in which to write their answers. The book can become a working document as the reader moves toward developing their skills.

For example, Chapter 5 is entitled “Influencing Your Boss”. This is a chapter where many workers would gravitate. The authors advise that influencing your manager begins by having a full understanding of your boss’s work style. The authors also share ways to lose influence with your boss as well. This includes not keeping them in the loop or “upstaging” your boss.

Finally, the book ties it all together at the end. No discussion of influencing people would be complete without addressing the topic of ethics. Increase Your Influence at Work provides what the authors believe to be the characteristics of ethical and unethical goals. As with the other chapters, an “open book quiz” is provided to ensure that the reader has grasp on the presented material.

If readers are looking for an short, quick study book to improve their skills in the workplace, Increase Your Influence at Work will help guide them toward that goal.

A review copy of this book was supplied by Amacon Books.

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