Men's Socks

Men's Socks
I’ve been told that this is a dilemma which keeps men up at night. While I’m hoping men have other things on their minds, this article could very well prove to act as a sleep aid for many.

Here’s the deal, you match your socks to your pants, not your shoe. The reason is a simple matter of the focus of an observer’s eye. The flow of a person’s vision is top to bottom. The eye is going to go from the pants (fabric) to your socks (more fabric) and then to your shoes (some sort of leather or canvas usually). The break along your legs starts at the shoe, not the sock. This is due to the change in texture from fabric to leather.

Too many men spoil perfectly dapper attire by donning the wrong kind of sock. While there are not a ton of sock rules to follow, there are one or two which, if adhered to, will allow one to pull of a skillfully put together ensemble.

If the socks are matched to the shoes, the observer’s eye will be broken when the eyes reach the end of the trousers. The socks and the shoes are actually viewed as separate items. It’s the socks and pants who are partners. This sets apart the apparel from the accessories and makes the look fluid.

As an example, you pair a navy suit with brown shoes. You should then wear dark blue socks rather than brown socks. Further, a charcoal suit and black shoes looks more stylish with dark gray socks.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take another progression in our expanding knowledge of men’s sock attire. Much like cars, there are different types and makes of men’s socks. And men should be wearing different makes of socks for different attire.

The more formal the attire, the finer and smoother the sock should be. This aids in balance. And we can all use a little more balance in our lives. Not to confuse, just remember that when wearing formal attire (think silk, satin, i.e.: tux) silk socks are the most suitable. The shimmer on the silk hose will coincide with the tuxes fine luster and silk lapel. It will also complement the patent leather shoes.

Silk hosiery for men is not just for the formal tuxedo. Typical everyday suits should be paired with the finer sock. The business attire is therefore enhanced with this stylish decision. When wearing dress shoes, with their subtle leather luster, the silk sock coordinates fabulously. Plus it’s easier to slip a foot into those tighter shoes.

Moving away from tuxedos and business suits, when the fabric of an outfit gets thicker, the sock needs to follow. For example, you don’t want to wear a smooth pair of cotton socks against a heavy flannel or tweed. The texture will overwhelm the sock. The sock becomes overly conspicuous. A better choice is thick woolen socks to blend in with the texture between the pant and the shoe.

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