The Suit of Swords People

The Suit of Swords People
I don't have an easy time dealing with the suit of Swords. Probably because there are so many different interpretations for each of the cards. In essence, Swords represent obstacles, conflicts, and warnings.

However, the suit of Swords also represents the mental process of thought. So, the Sword cards can often represent conflict within oneself. Sword people can be extremely tough on themselves. They expect near perfection from others so it comes as no surprise that they also expect near perfection from themselves.

Sword people are often plagued with self doubt in spite of their outward display of supreme confidence. Cup people wear their heart of their sleeve, Pentacle people rely on their intuition and creativity, and Wand people rely on their connection with spirit. Sword people, on the other hand, rely almost completely on logic. It can be difficult for them when their feelings or intuition are in conflict with that logic.

Swords are the strongest of the suits.. and can represent both good and bad situations. They always represent change. Sometimes the change is brought about by the Sword person's reaction to any given situation. That is why Swords is a double edged suit.

Leadership is a quality inherent in Sword people. They love to take charge and make things happen. They can be very bossy and aggressive at times when they get into "let's get this done NOW" mode. You would see Sword people in all fields pertaining to Science, politics, and business leadership. They also make great IRS agents.

Having a close relationship with a Sword person can be challenging. They tend to tell it like it is without regard to others feelings. In fact, they are often quite surprised when someone gets upset over one of their rather brisk observations. Pentacle people tend to fare the best with Sword people because they can find a common ground as far as financial issues go. The difference is Pentacle people tend to be humanitarians whereas Sword people tend to want to keep all their treasures to themselves.

I guess if you were to compare Sword people to any mythical beast or being- they would most definitely resonate to dragons.

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