Strength Tarot Card

Strength Tarot Card
The Fool, in the guise of the Chariot driver, Gemini, is still fuming. Even though his departure from a town full of people who he felt misunderstood him was self imposed, he still felt a keep sense of rejection. He is lounging against his Chariot watching his steeds and his little dog Wisdom drink from a watering hole in a jungle like area in the forest.

He becomes aware he is being watched as he sees all three animals startle and look toward a particularly dense part of the forest. He calls to them, but it is too late. A large and fierce looking lion steps out from behind the twisted vines. He growls menacingly as he silently pads forward.

Just when it looks like life might be ending for the Fool and his animals, a woman emerges from the woods, and steps between the lion and the Fool. She is dressed all in white, representing her purity of heart and soul. The garland of flowers twisted through her hair symbolizes her connection with the world of nature. She is the Mother Nature aspect of the Tarot deck.

The Fool watches in wonder as she takes the lion's head between her hands, and pushing downwards and upwards firmly closes the lion's mouth. And, the Fool, as is his nature, joins and becomes one with the woman.

His/her name is Serenity, and she is delighted to have company! She stokes the lion's fur as she softly speaks words of comfort in his ear. The Fool is no longer angry. He understands that anger and the need to always be in the right is not the way to handle a situation. Inner strength stems from self will but also from self control. Serenity, as her name implies, can look at any situation with a sense of calmness, compassion and understanding.

The Fool sees the lion as his own fear, anger, and self conviction. In order to make people understand his point of view he needs to learn to control his temper. Shouting and posturing is not going to make him heard and understood. It will only serve to put other people on the defensive.

Gemini had been correct in his assumptions and calculations. He also made valid points about the importance of staying focused on goals in the face of adversity, but he went about communicating his ideas in a totally incorrect manner.

The Fool/woman looks about her, and sees the world through eyes of love, compassion, hope, and the joy of simply being alive. The lion sits at her feet basking in the last rays of the late fall sunshine. The Fool's dog Wisdom joins them, knowing he has nothing to fear from the lion. Serenity has the situation well in control.

The two steeds pause and look their way as the woman silently grants them their freedom. They leave the watering hole to hunt and live their lives as the free beings they were meant to be.

If Strength shows up in your layout, it is time to rely on your inner serenity. Don't let anger or fear steer you in directions that you really don't want to go. Instead, stay calm and think clearly. You can always find more strength in compassion, understanding, and thoughtfulness than you can in fear, anger and self righteousness.

The Fool/Serenity sits for a very long time in the twilight of the jungle, one arm around the lion and one arm around the little dog, simply enjoying the cool breezes and the night stars.

As the morning approaches, she hugs the lion goodbye and beckoning to Wisdom to follow, she softly walks from the forest. The Fool's journey continues...

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