Halloween and Being Thirteen

Halloween and Being Thirteen
Picture a crisp fall night, a Halloween moon, and the awesome costume it took you weeks to plan or design. You're walking with friends or family and collecting enough candy to last through the next month. After a few houses, you stop to take a bite of chocolate or chew something sour. You’re careful not to smear your makeup or dislocate your mask. Four more houses to go before you can taste your neighbor’s famous caramel apples. Sigh, but that was last year, you were twelve and still a kid.

Hold on if you have added Halloween to the list of things that you feel are too childish. Yes, you waited forever to be thirteen, but there is really no age limit on wearing a cool costume, eating candy or shivering from a good scare.

Maybe you live in a community where there is an age limit for trick or treating, or your parents have a rule about you going out now that you are older. That still doesn’t mean no costumes, candy or shivers.

Be creative this year with your Halloween plans. Give a trembling thought to some of these ideas.

There is nothing wrong with going out with your parents and younger siblings for a short walk around your neighborhood. And, you might just get some candy as well. You might also think about offering to take a younger child in your neighborhood out for a short time. Many parents can’t make it home from work before trick or treat starts. They might need some extra help. You could even offer to give out candy at your house or a neighbor’s home.

Haunted houses are a great activity with your friends and family. Yes, you might have to go with an adult, but trust me, you will have just as much fun. Actually, it is pretty interesting to see your parents or other adults jump and howl with fright, just like you!

Zombies are popular. You could have a zombie party in your backyard, garage or basement. You could award prizes for the creepiest and zaniest zombies.

A scary movie marathon complete with homemade snacks can be fun. There are plenty of easy recipes to make that will scare even a table cloth. Make snack preparation a part of the evening. Google for Halloween treats and choose your favorite recipes.

Looking for something creative and creepy to do? You could get together with your friends or family for a night of art. Use crayons, paint, markers, or even chalk to draw things that each person finds frightening. You might be surprised at what some people find scary. Example: Behind my house there is an alley with these tall light poles. The lights are bit yellowish and I think they look like little hats. I imagine really tall ladies with old-fashioned bonnets watching me as I take out trash! Weird, yet, spooky!

Don’t forget that the mind’s eye can often picture things far scarier than what we can actually see. Tell a tale of terror as a group. Pick an object or situation — then break into small groups and write a quick quivering story. Maybe even share by candlelight!

I would love to hear from you in the forums. Tell me about your costumes, haunted house visits, scary movies, zombie parties, creepy snacks, art and stories.

Happy Halloween!

Beaslie photo Bat for Article_zpshs0ddhic.jpg
Here’s my fun creepy art — I’m also squeamish about bats!

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