Why Baggy Pants Just Aren't Cool

Why Baggy Pants Just Aren't Cool
Every generation has their own signature fashion craze. In the 1950’s, many young women donned the poodle skirt. In the 1970’s, people sported Afros and bell-bottom jeans. Also, in the 1980’s, there was the banana clip and Madonna inspired skirts and tops. But the Baggy Pants craze has been around ever since the 1990’s and is still being sported by today’s teens. This style of fashion has been displayed in commercials, music videos, and album covers. Even though this senseless craze that started in America’s prisons has been around for some time now, I believe I’m not the only one who feels that this fad really needs to disappear. Throughout this article, we’ll examine how this style of dress that many of our teens have adapted has still managed to stick around and how it can possibly be eradicated from the fashion sense of our teenagers.

Any teenager who might like the Baggy Pants craze may be reading this article, guessing just why the Baggy Pants craze may be losing its popularity. Not only does the Baggy Pants craze look very silly, but it gives an awful impression about the individual. It’s just not cool…it never has been and it never will be.

There are even teens who believe that the Baggy Pants craze, like any other fashion craze, is an expression of their identity. Though there are teens who feel this way, the majority of the American population doesn’t. This is because throughout several areas of the United States, certain laws have been passed that restrict teens from wearing their pants or jeans without a belt. In these areas, if the individual’s underwear is exposed local authorities are allowed to place the individual in prison for a brief period of time. The sole reason that these laws exist is to discourage teens from sporting the Baggy Pants craze wherever they are, whether they are at school or in public.

Another reason why the Baggy Pants craze should disappear is because the way one dresses is how they are perceived by the world. If you are dressed in a manner that is inappropriate, people are going to perceive you as an individual who possesses little or no character. If you are dressed in a manner that is presentable, others will perceive you as someone with deep integrity who has pride in their appearance. It’s that simple!

In conclusion, the Baggy Pants craze should definitely disappear. It’s an awful fashion style that is very displeasing to the eye. Teens should follow a style of fashion that expresses their creativity and allows them to have pride in themselves. The Baggy Pants craze does exactly the opposite. This is why it just isn’t cool!

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