Wireless Receivers for Online PS2 / PS3

Wireless Receivers for Online PS2 / PS3
Many people get confused when trying to figure out what wireless receiver to get to connect their PS2 or PS3 to their wireless router. Here's the straight scoop.

Linksys Wireless PS2Linksys Wireless Game Adapter
Yes, so many people were confused by "regular" wireless receivers that Linksys actually came out with one specifically called a Game Adapter so that people knew it would work with their XBox or PS2. I always was quite amused by this. It's just a regular unit that sends signals from a remote location back to the main wireless router. It takes in a normal network cable, just like what you would put out from your PS2 or Xbox or heck your laptop too :) Simple plug and play.

Linksys Wireless PS2Linksys Wireless Bridge
This item is called a bridge, but really you just plug a network cable into it, and it lets that item talk to the wireless router you have sitting back with your cable modem or DSL line. This includes of course PS2s and XBoxxes. We use a bridge in our living room to connect our XBox and our PS2 to our wireless router over in the office.

Linksys Wireless PS2Linksys USB Wireless Adapter
OK I only mention this because it confuses people. YOU CANNOT USE THIS!!! Neither your XBox or your PS2 has a network connector that works via USB. The USB ports in these machines are for controllers only. They have nothing to do with the networking system. The only thing that connects to the network area of the machine is the network cable. So you need to stick a network cable into your console - and the other end of the network cable into a wireless device. This USB device can NOT take in network cables.

I hope that clears up the wireless receiver situation!

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