Cables To Go 98035 HDMI Cable

Cables To Go 98035 HDMI Cable
We have tried a number of HDMI cables over the years. The Cables To Go 98035 HDMI Cable is very inexpensive and provides the same quality as many much more expensive HDMI cables we have used.

The connectors here are 24 karat. This isn't about "bling" - it's about the gold providing a clear signal in the important location of where the signal has to "cross" from the cable to the source or receiving unit.

HDMI is used by many of the high end systems on the market - the PS3, XBox 360 and BluRay DVD players. We do video game testing in our household and our consoles are running pretty much 24x7. We notice fairly quickly if we have a distortion problem with any of our video systems.

We didn't have any problems at all with this cable. If anything, it was more flexible - and therefore easier to bend around corners - than some other more expensive cables we own. Its 8 foot length is reasonably long. We do have some longer cables we use in certain situations, but the 8 feet was a good match for where we have our XBox 360 located. The length of a given cable of course comes down to your own home layout. You don't want lots of extra cable looping around and getting in the way, but a too-short cable is a royal pain. It's always wise to measure out the entertainment center you are setting up, determining the ideal length of cable to go between your key locations, and then getting a cable to exactly match that need.

How about cheaper cables? You'd probably be hard pressed to find a cable cheaper than this one, and many do not have the gold plated connectors. While most HDMI cables provide exactly the same quality, I will say that super cheap connectors WILL be noticeable. We don't use any of those in our house (for perhaps the obvious reason). It is worth it to make sure your HDMI cable at least meets that basic requirement. Also, if you somehow managed to find a HDMI cable with NO shielding along its length, that could also have problems due to nearby cable interference.

That all being said, this cable is inexpensive and works perfectly well. Given its low cost, it is highly recommended.

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