Having Fun at Work

Having Fun at Work
What did you do for fun today? At work?

Most small business owners start their businesses because they wanted to make their dreams come true, and then a few years later, they look somewhat ragged and whipped trying to keep up with business demands. Only those in the same boat understand can understand what it is like being almost everything – accountant, marketer, sales rep, manufacturer, complaint department, purchasing officer, and so on. You are either the whole organizational calendar or the vast majority of it yourself and your day has only 24 hours just like everyone else’s – only they work just 8 hours!

So, “what did you do for fun today at work?” might seem like a sick joke. It’s not. It can actually increase your odds of success. Plus, it’s a whole lot more . . . well, fun!

Accomplishing goals is fun and is even way-cool fun for some of us. But, so is the silly, weird stuff like sticking tape to your cat’s paws just to watch the show. And, so is blasting your music loud and head-banging to your favorite rock anthem. Probably not when you are on the phone with a client, but take a break and rock it out a couple times a week!

Fun need not be limited to random accidents provided by the universe, you know. You can actually plan and schedule fun into your life. And, you should. Make it part of your planning to include some fun in your workday. Here are some suggested ways to add fun to your business life, starting today!

First, open your calendar or to-do list or PDA; whatever you use to find your way around your day. Block out at least one ten-minute period every day and write FUN in there. Now, I know that is akin to eating lunch somewhere other than your desk, but go ahead and do it.

Next, make your own FUN list and keep it close to you during the day. When your FUN appointment comes up, pick one thing from the list and make it happen. Repeat every day.

Here are some beginners’ fun break ideas for your list. *Warning: The author is not responsible for any damages caused by beverages spewed through noses.

Read some of the Chuck Norris Facts.
Find a dog and play tug-of-war. With prizes.
See what your phone number spells or do any number of goofy things at Bored.com.
Find a kid and tell or listen to knock-knock jokes.
Write a poem to honor asparagus. Recite it aloud.
Draw a moustache. Yes, on yourself. You get extra points for wearing in public.
Watch The Evolution of Dance. Dance along.

So, there you go. Feel free to use my ideas for your list and share yours with us in the SOHO Forum.

Remember, fun breaks in your day ease tension and help you distress. Fun breaks can also release endorphins (feel-good brain chemicals) without threat of jail or disgrace (eh, most of the time, anyway.)

Just in case you are seriously humor-deprived, try these for funny bone CPR:

A Few More Pretty Good Jokes is by humorist Garrison Keillor (of A Prairie Home Companion fame).

And, from my personal favorite comedian:

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