Summer Themed Writing Prompts

Summer Themed Writing Prompts
With the warm winds of summer blowing, your homeschooler is likely to be longing for a break, long or short. The writing prompts below will spark your child's creativity for summer fun and writing, too.

1. You have been awarded a trip for you and your family to your perfect summer vacation destination. Where is it? What will you do there?

2. Imagine you are a beach ball being tossed about in a pool game of volleyball. How do you feel? Are you happy to be bounced around? What games do you wish you could play? If you'd like, write a peom to describe your feelings.

3. Write an acrostic poem for "SUMMER" and use words or phrases that reflect your summer plans.

4. List ten things you plan to do on your summer break. Describe each activity with vivid details and excellent descriptions.

5. June 16th is National Fudge Day. Create a new fudge flavor, complete with a detailed description and picture. Create a recipe, too and try it out in the kitchen with an adult!

6. Why is it important to know how to swim? Do you know how to swim?

7. Write a freestyle poem about a summer thunderstorm. Be sure to create a visual picture with words, describing the sounds, sights and smells of the rain storm.

8. Would you rather have a full summer off, or take breaks throughout the year as a homeschooler? Why or why not?

9. How would the summer be different if the weather was cold in most places? Would it be too weird or do you think everyone would get used to it? Would you like it?

10. List twenty five activities you can do for fun this summer, that don't cost anything. Give the list to your parents so they can refer to it with you throughout the season.

11. Are there any summer blockbuster movies you are looking forward to seeing? Which ones? What about these movies do you think will be great?

12. Write an editorial about which flavor ice cream is best on a hot summer day. Be sure to cite reasons and research (you may need to do some eating here!)

13. Do a survey for your family and around your neighborhood (with a parent's permission and assistance) as to favorite ice pop flavors. Typical flavors include orange, grape and cherry, but you can add a few other choices as well. Bubblegum, root beer and strawberry are also good choices. Poll a specific amount of people, and record your results on a graph or chart. Write about what you think your findings will be, and what they actually turn out to be.

14. Summer tends to bring about a relaxed atmosphere. What about the summer months do you feel makes folks feel so calm?

15. Which summer month is your favorite, June, July or August? Why?

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