Vendetta Movie Review

Vendetta Movie Review
It starts off pretty routine; Detective Mason Danvers (Dean Cain) and his partner are after the Abbott brothers. Victor Abbott (played by hulky, WWE wrestler Paul “The Big Show” Wight) is injured and while he is being arrested, he promises that Danvers will see him again soon. A few months later, Victor is released from prison and makes a beeline to Danvers' house. He knocks on the door, the wife answers and Victor brutally begins to beat her with particular vengeance against the unborn child (too graphic). The police arrive as Victor is beating the wife and Danvers holds his wife as she dies.

How do you get revenge? Make a plan to murder so that you end up in prison with the guy that killed your spouse. Danvers commits murder so he can get sent to the same prison that houses Victor and, incidentally, several other inmates he previously arrested. Once inside the prison, Danver soon discovers that getting revenge may not be that easy. Just who is running the prison?

The good:

Dean Cain isn’t superman any more, but his body has just the right amount of muscle to lend believability to the character.

Michael Eklund gives a decent performance as sneaky warden Snyder.

You expect the performance of wrestlers who become actors to be fairly stiff, but Paul Wight does a good job and doesn’t just use his size as the intimidation factor.

The not-so-good:

Basically the story line is the same as other prison films. The bad guy gets arrest and threatens the arresting officer, he gets out of prison and goes after the officer’s loved one and the detective seeks vengeance.

No gangs in prison? That flies in the face of every prison movie ever made. It’s just Danver against Victor. Victor has his own diverse group of thugs.

The fight scenes are violent. The scene where Danvers wife gets beat up is particularly brutal and you may want to look away.

The ending is just that…an ending out of nowhere. It just ends, almost as if they suddenly ran out of budget. I kept expecting more.

Overall, this action movie was a bit brutal even for me. It seems as if the focus was more on the fighting and brutality rather than actually having a story line. I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars.


Rated: R - I was happy to finally see an R-rated movie given an R rating in a world when it seems that every movie is PG -13.

Run time - 90 minutes

Directors: Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska (twins)

I rented this movie for viewing with my own funds and have not been compensated for this review.

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