Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
The latest in the Tenchu series lets you choose to be a male or female ninja, out to do good and save innocent villagers.

Gameplay involves you sneaking around, watching your stealth meter (a la splinter cell) and trying to achieve your objective with the least amount of notice possible.

If you must fight, you have your ninja sword, as well as throwing stars, caltrops, and other ninja-ey items. To reinforce (as if you could forget) that you are a ninja, your enemies yell out "Ninja!" all the time. But strangely, if you manage to hide, they forget all about your presence in a short while.

The graphics are reasonably good, in an Onimusha style. You have floating petals, trees with individual leaves. But the water looks more like a river of mud and the backgrounds are very much like walls of mud.

You can replay levels to try for the ultimate rating in each one, looking for all of the hidden items. A good game for those who enjoyed Way of the Samurai and Splinter Cell.

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