Star Trek Beyond Movie Review

Star Trek Beyond Movie Review
“What would I do without you, Spock?” Captain James T. Kirk

Three years into a five year mission and the leadership of the USS Enterprise are struggling with some serious personal issues about what their future holds – whether or not they’re happy. Amidst all of these doubts the mission carries on and the ship arrives at Yorktown, a massive space station filled with a peacefully, diverse collection of humans and aliens.

Upon their arrival, we discover that Captain Kirk has applied to become an admiral. Spock receives word that Ambassador Spock has passed away, so he is considering going back to his roots. Before they can mutually disclose their decisions, the ship is dispatched on a rescue mission to an uncharted nebula territory. The Enterprise is ambushed by the villainous Krall who is after an ancient artifact. The crew is taken captive and Spock, the Doc, Scotty and the captain must find their way back to each other, rescue the crew and thwart Krall’s attempt to destroy Yorktown.

Great movie moments:

All of the characters from the original “reboot” have all reprised their roles. Chris Pine gives a fine performance as a more mature Captain James T. Kirk. Simon Pegg not only helped to write the script, but also returns as Scotty, the engineering genius. Zachory Quinto returns as a more soft-hearted Commander Spock (so what if he gives his ex-girlfriend Lieutenant Uhura, played by Zoe Saldana, a radioactive necklace as a token of his affection). John Cho (Sulu), Karl Urban (Bones) also return in this third installment/reboot of the much loved series.

Sofia Boutella joins the cast as Jaylah, a music lover and alien survivor who helps Scotty, Kirk and Spock to rescue the rest of the Enterprise crew.

The comedic interactions between Bones and Spock are hilarious as the doc attempts to help the injured Spock.

Not so great movie moments:

Star Trek Beyond starts off in an infinitely darker place then the two previous movies; almost to the point of being mildly depressing.

While it is definitely a good movie, there were a couple of scenes that tended to drag out a bit and other scenes that left me wondering if perhaps they had sent a bit too many important scenes to the cutting room floor.

Overall I give this movie a three out of five stars. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you will appreciate the homage to the previous actors.


Director: Justin Lin

Rating: PG-13. A lot of kills, loud noise and mild language. The scariest parts for young children, and perhaps some adults, are probably the aliens. Check out when the back of the alien's head opens up.

Runtime: Two hours. You will alternate between wondering perhaps why the movie is quite so long, to getting caught up in the action.

You can find star trek beyondon Amazon.

I paid for this movie ticket with my own funds have not been compensated for this review.

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