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Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough

This game was amazingly fun for me at first, but after having to replay the exact same scenes over and over in order to figure out which things were important and which weren't to even *pick up* I have to admit the thrill wore off. I finally lost full interest in playing near the end of the game, which is sort of funny because I was close to winning the case. Here are my notes up to that point and if you're really stuck after that, I'll go back and finish it up for you.

Being a Detective
Choices of Skills
The Crime Scene and Cleaner
Medical Examiner
Gower - her previous employer
Singh - her lawyer
Laurie - her daughter
Jenny's Apartment
Cochran - the Lover
Lucy - the friend
Bobby - the water vendor
Cochran's Apartment
L&G - Investors
Laurie Again
Stanton - The Loser
Consuelo - The Vet
Stanton's Apartment
Making the Arrest

Being a Lawyer
Choices of Skills
The Leash is Out
Barney - the Sleaze
Herb - the PTU Guy
Starting the Trial
The First Questioning

Law and Order Dead on the Money Review

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