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Eagle Landing by Albert Rollins

Table of Contents


Adam´s Rib by Firefly
All The Suitcases In Cars and Closets
by Phibby Venable
Blown Glass by Dawn Merrow
Bread by Stacey Dye
Center by Jody Zolli
Citrus Smiles and Kisses by Aneta Cruz
Climate Change by Tara Lynne Brown
Colored Girl by Mikki Karotkin
Down the Rabbit Hole by Firefly
Eye-to-eye by Charity C. Tran
Finger Paints by Shawn Major
Garden Mama by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Here Comes the Rain by Joanne Cucinello
Just Once by John Tzikas
My Kentucky in Spring by Bridget M Aubrey
Mystery of the Dove by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Nature Trail by Brenda Kay Ledford
New Life in the Elm Trees by Maggie Koger
Numb by Stacey Dye
On This Day by George Shaw
Pretty Women In A Big Canoe by Phibby Venable
The Lamenter by Barnali Saha
Seasons In Between by Clem M. Bascar
Snow Remains by T. Stores
Speak by Shawn Major
Summer at the Cape by Tara Lynne Brown
Tea Time by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
The Citrus Corner Look by Jancarl Campi
The Old Woman Dreams by Joanne Cucinello
The Voiceless Bodies by Firefly
Thoughts at the Vernal Equinox by Joanne Cucinello
Turning by Lisa Shea
Untitled by Tara Lynne Brown
Untitled by Firefly
Vignette of a Faded Woman by Shawn Major
Where My Flowers Are by Bridget Aubrey
Your Pocket or Mine by Catherine Hensley


Cycles by Nancy Dietrich
Goodyear by Nancy Dietrich
How Much for the Real Thing? by Catherine Hensley
I Am Loved by Amanda Hill
Tales From A Breast Cancer Bunker by Laura Dorsey Huerta
The Heart of It by Helen Peppe
Thirteen by Kim Sisto Robinson

Branded Clothes and Fake Smiles by Bhavika Sicka
Chloe´s Secret by Gail Mitkoff and Lisa J. Michaels
Cowboy, Revisited by Carol M. Olmstead
Melting by Lisa Shea
Sewing Together Earth and Sky by Ann McDermott


Jody Zolli In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

Dragonfly by Donna Sciandra
Utah Fly by Donna Sciandra
Ambush Predator - in Training by Mark Berkery
Anuhea by Leslie Tribolet
Love by Lisa Shea
Dragon Eye by Mark Berkery
Queen at Sunset by Mark Berkery
Tonight After Dark by Teresa Ann Frazee
Sunset Gaze by Marita Froimson
Botany Bay Weevil by Mark Berkery
Masked Bee from Aus by Mark Berkery
Wild Flowers by L. J, Ashton Christie
Sunset BSP by Deborah Gardiner
New Jersey Shore by Andrew Sciandra
Thistle and Butterfly by Donna Sciandra
Ancient in Sicily by Ann Waller
Maidens All in a Row by Deborah Gardiner
Ocean Ridge by Teresa Ann Frazee
Under the Pier by Melissa Knoblett-Aman
Confirmation of Light by Teresa Ann Frazee
Solitude by Monica Zikusooka
Inside by Judy Bowers
Outside by Judy Bowers
Peace by Lisa Shea
Michigan Lighthouse by Albert Rollins
Come.... ´on.... Ma!, I´m looking for FISH,... not grass!
by Albert Rollins
Anciant Dancing Tree by Albert Rollins
Tivoli Italy Fountains by Ann Waller
Tivoli Italy Waterfall Fountain by Ann Waller
King of Color by Patricia Maulding


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