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Arlo Guthrie

Artists by Name
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Books & Magazines
Rock is not only great listening, but great reading!

Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry- the rock icon who really got the rock n roll movement started. He may not have been the first, but he was spectacular and took the music to the mainstream.

Artist information, list all record and film history of various artists and bands careers.

Donovan had some of the catchiest music of the 60s. His lyrics were odd and beautiful at the same time.

Elvis Presley
Even non-fans agree that Elvis Presley changed the world. See what made the man into the king.

Guitar Greats
Styles come and go, the "in" thing may change, but rock ´n´ roll will always need its guitar gods and goddesses.

Hippie Music
Hippie music defined an era, and it has never died. Long live the hippie!

History Makers

In The News
Occasionally a classic rocker turns up in the news.

Led Zeppelin

One Hit Wonders
Hey- a one-hit wonder is still a hit, even if the artist never came back with more.

Photos and Art


Rolling Stones

The Beatles

The Doors
The Strange Days of the Doors

The Mamas and the Papas
The Mamas and the Papas put out some of the catchiest music of the 60s. Their music ranged from melodious folk-pop to dreamy ballads.

Women of Rock
Rock is largely a man´s world, but women rock, too!

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