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Ways to celebrate pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Cesareans, VBACs
Informed consent, research on the risks and benefits of both c-sections and VBACs.

Changes during Pregnancy
From the changes in your body, to the growth of your baby, pregnancy is a time of great changes each month.

Common Concerns
Answers to the most common questions and concerns about pregnancy.

Find out about some complications and concerns of pregnancy and childbirth. Explore risks, options and treatments.

Diet & Nutrition
What your body needs to grow a healthy baby; Natural supplements, prenatal vitamins, a healthy pregnancy diet and more.

Fitness & Exercise
What´s safe, what´s not, and ideas on how you can maintain your fitness while pregnant.

Natural Childbirth
Find out ways to help cope with Labor Pain naturally. Massage, aromatherapy, bathing and showering, comfort positions, music and many other labor coping techniques are discussed.

Natural Pregnancy
Safe and practical herbs and natural remedies for pregnancy and birth preparation. Avoid toxic chemicals and prenatal testing that haven´t been proven safe.

Planning Your Birth
Investigate options available to you during labor and birth. Learn how to develop a birth plan.

Preparing For Baby
Baby names, diapers, gift registries and nursery decor are only the beginning of what a parent-to-be thinks about during pregnancy.

Stages of Labor
What are the three stages of labor? How should you cope with early and active labor? What is transition like? Find out about the labor and birthing process.

Stages of Pregnancy
What to expect during the various stages of pregnancy.

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