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Resources and information on the various laws and values found within Judaism.

An Overlooked Mitzvah - Tsa'ar Ba'alei Chaim star
New Year for the Animals? A Jewish holiday? Dr. Richard Schwartz - President of Jewish Vegetarians of North America - tells us all about it.

Bad Things in a Good Life star
When life confronts us with “bad things”, what is it that carries us through to the other side where we can begin to live again?

Bikur Cholim - Visiting the Sick star
Bikur Cholim is the mitzvah of visiting the sick. Find out what this means and how participating in Bikur Cholim group can benefit you.

Creating A Jewish Home star
What is it that makes a home a Jewish home? We´re going to look at the three pillars from which everything else is built upon: symbols, rituals, and knowledge.

In God's Image star
What does it mean that people were created in G-d's image? And, how should we apply that notion in our daily lives?

Is Believing in G-d Essential to Being Jewish? star
A belief in G-d is not essential to the practice of Judaism.

Jewish Denominations - The Purpose They Serve star
Wondering where you fit in the vast world of Judaism? Curious about why differences exist in the first place? There are many paths into Judaism. Find one that fits who you are.

Jewish Folklore - A Story star
This is a tale about King Solomon. There are several versions of the story, but they all have the same lesson at the end.

Jewish Guilt star
What? You don't have time to read my article? It's the shortest article ever written on Jewish guilt.

Jewish Superstitions star
Do you refrain from walking under ladders? What happens when you see a black cat? Do you panic if you spill salt? Though they are not logical, they are habits that are hard to break. Here are the origins of some of my favorite Jewish superstitions.

Jewish Vegetarianism star
For some Jews, the choice for a vegetarian lifestyle is found directly in the Torah.

Judaism and Gratitude star
Gratitude is both a global and a Jewish concept. The Jewish faith beckons us to recognize the good each and every day and each and every moment.

Lashon Hara - The Laws of Speech star
Jewish law tells how to and how not to speak. Words can be powerful and destructive weapons. We must be careful how we speak to our children and how we teach them to speak to others.

Life After Death star
Many of us Hebrew school raised Jews were not taught about our faith´s belief in life after death or in Heaven and Hell. Here is a brief introduction.

Observant Jewish Life star
Here are five things that an observant Jew may do in his or her day that other Jewish people may not even think about.

Perspective and Judgment star
Once the deep introspection of the High Holidays and the joyful hope of Sukkot have passed, it is important to maintain the mindset we achieved during the holidays. Our perspective and subsequent judgments may be more controllable than we think.

Staying in the Moment star
Judaism teaches us that each moment and every experience is sacred. Be mindful everyday and pay attention to your life.

The Chosen People star
Does the notion of the Jews as a Chosen people come from bringing the belief of one G-d to the world - or from our experiences at Mount Sinai when the Torah was received?

The Evil Inclination - Yetzer HaRa star
The evil inclination or Yetzer HaRa is not something to fear. It is something within us and something we must examine throughout our lives.

Tzedakah star
Giving Tzedakah is more than just writing a check to your favorite charity. Learn more about the ethical and moral responsibilities associated with giving.

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