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BellaOnline's History Editor

World History

People, events, movements that have influenced countries and nations other than the United States.

Beatings - Torture Methods in History star
When one thinks of torture, images of the rack and other dungeon torture pieces of equipment come to mind. Those instruments were used, but plain old beatings have out lasted all modes of torture down through the years.

Britain in Hong Kong star
The initial British presence in Hong Kong was completely military. The excessive Chinese imports created a trade deficit that Britain tried to resolve with opium. This only led to a military confrontation.

Importance of Studying History star
What is so important about history? The past is the past right? Wrong! Check out why studying history is vital to the future.

Jesuits and Their Secret Society star
The Jesuits were founded in the early period of the Renaissance and quickly rose in number and power. It did not take long before they became the object of wrath and rumors. The Jesuits became one of the earliest rumored secret societies in history.

Knights of Malta - Secret Society star
Bring up an order that has been around since the Crusades and you will find more conspiracy theories than you can imagine. The Knights of Malta have a long history is courage, protection of the Christian faith and as a secret society.

Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets .... star
The majority of people are familiar with the Freemasons. What most don’t realize is that there is a special organization just for Master Masons. It is called the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm.

Opus Dei - Secret Society star
One of the most conservative Catholic organizations is called the Opus Dei, “the work of God”. Are they a secret society in the sense of covering up immoral or unethical actions?

Privateers star
Pirating is a dirty trade, but at times in history it has become a noble one.

Reasons for Exploration star
What made man explore his world and venture forth? What prompted the exploration of our history?

Religion and the Role It Plays for UN Missions star
In order to understand how important religion is in UN missions, one has to agree that a region’s culture plays a major part the day to day operations of the region including that of society and government as well as the interactions with the world around the region.

Sea Dogs - The Elite Privateers star
The elite of the privateers were the Sea Dogs. These were a group of experienced sailors who used it to pirate the high seas and then later turned to more shady business. Ah, the results of political moves.

Secret Society of Ordo Templis Orientis star
There are hundreds if not thousands of secret societies around the world. Many of them are names that are recognized by most. Others are less well-known but have been around as long or are closely related. One such secret society is the Ordo Templis Orientis.

Sovereignty and Standby star
John MacFarlane discussed in “Sovereignty and Standby: The 1964 Conference on UN Peacekeeping Forces” the desire of having resources earmarked for United Nations use and the issue of sovereignty that arose as the topic was discussed by more and more of UN members.

The Ancient Order of Druids - Secret Society star
Tracing the history of secret societies is typically easy. The United Ancient Order of the Druids is older than most written records.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians - Secret Society star
Most secret societies are formed to keep a secret. Why the secrecy? Because most members don’t want to face persecution and death. That was the case with many secret societies including the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

The Bilderberg Group - Secret or Lobbying Society? star
Unless you are one to follow conspiracy theories, you might not have heard of the Bilderberg Group. Yet, this is one of the most feared secret societies in the Western world. Are they an innocent lobbying group? Or are they the ones controlling the world?

The Brilliant Marriage of Henry VII star
Winning a battle to claim the throne can be successful, but also marrying to seal your claim could be smarter. Henry VII might have killed Richard III in battle to take the crown, but he didn't fully have it until he married Elizabeth.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn star
What makes a secret society? Do they have to shroud themselves in secrecy or can the secrecy be assumed by all those around them? The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (H.O.G.D.) are pretty open about what they do. Are they really a secret society? A look at their history might help.

The Illuminati - The Ultra Secret Society star
What makes a secret society? It generally takes rumors, secrets, and possibly a real conspiracy. One of the most well known and understood is the Illuminati, those that are spiritually enlightened.

The Indian Revolt of 1857 Hit Britain Hard star
The British Empire had problems over the years with colonies. One was the American Revolution where a small group of colonists were able to defeat an Empire that was supposedly undefeatable. Almost a hundred years later, India followed the colonists path but in a more bloody process.

The Knights Templar - A Secret Society? star
When it comes to secret societies, or at least societies that are full of legend and myth, the Knights Templar are one of the highest ranking. If it wasn’t a legend before, entertainment makes it one. But what is the truth about the Knights Templar? Are they really what we think they were?

The Opium Wars star
The Opium War(s) changed the entire British/Chinese relationship. Many saw the cause of the war as the "result of China's isolationalist and exclusionary trade policy with the West."

The Priory of Sion - Secret Society or Myth? star
Keeping secrets is important for secret societies. That is supposed to be the sole purpose of the Priory of Sion and not taking over the world. They are said to exist solely to protect the secret of Jesus of Nazareth’s descendents. Needless to say, this makes the controversy of the group explosive.

The Rosicrucians as a Secret Society star
What makes a secret society? Well, they have to have secrets and they have to put fear in those that are not part of it. The Rosicrucians have done that for hundreds of years.

The Triangular Trade Key To British Success star
he triangular trade was named based on the triangular shape the ships took in their journeys to Africa, America, and back to Britain. Supplies were taken from Britain to Africa where slaves were purchased and then taken to the American colonies where the slaves were deposited to work the land.

The Trojan War - Myth or Reality? star
Legends fascinate us, yet we all often dismiss their historical importance. The Trojan war has survived centuries to thrill those that read of the exploits of heroes that are larger than life. But did it really happen? Did the Trojan War occur?

The UN in the Cold War star
Summing up the cold could be done simply by saying that it was a faceoff between the United States and the U.S.S.R. (referred to as Russia here going forward).

WorldHistory.net star[offsite link]
A large site with links to the histories of many countries worldwide.

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