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g Meditation Site

BellaOnline's Meditation Editor


Lessons in meditation.

Courses star
Collection of articles.

Learning Meditation Series of Lessons star
Learn techniques to enhance your practice.

* Sitting Meditation Exercises star
Series of articles with poses to prepare your body for sitting meditation.

A Power Meditation star
A little bit of effort produces a great deal of harmony.

Basic Om Meditation star
Meditation on Om takes us deep within our spiritual nature, to a place of harmony and joy.

Basic Preparations for Meditation star
Choose a quiet location where you will not be disturbed.

Basic Sitting Meditation Session star
Meditation of love and appreciation for discovering the eternal joy that communion with the Divine shares with us.

Beginning Mantra Meditation star
Repeat your mantra with devotion, so that it takes you into a meditative state.

Beginning Meditation - Deciding Where and When star
Beginning meditation is an adventure of inner discovery. And, more than discovery it is expansion into vast reaches and resources of the Self. Therefore, to reap the most out of time on earth it is worth spending time on the journey.

Beginning Meditation As the Observer star
One of the ways to meditate effectively is to take the position of the observer.

Beginning Meditation Philosophy star
Meditation time is a period of quiet listening to the wise voice within us all. It is a time of listening so we can take the advice and solve our life dilemmas most easily.

Beginning Meditations for Teenagers star
Three types of meditation especially for teens.

Beginning Preparation for Meditation star
Taking time to settle down before sitting in meditation gives us a chance to gradually unwind.

Beginning Sitting Meditation on the Breath star
Here is a plan that will get you started and serve as a regular meditation ritual for the long term.

Beginning Steps in Meditation star
Some easy ways to get your meditation practice started.

Beginning Walking Meditation on the Breath star
Pick a path that will cover at least 10 minutes walking. This gives you time to unwind and get into a regular rhythm.

Creating a Personal Place to Meditate star
Choose a private place to meditate. This is where your creativity can come into play.

Creating Your Holiday Meditation Altar star
Holy days are upon us in many traditions giving us an opportunity to arrange our meditation altar to reflect the holidays we celebrate.

Da Vinci Code Inspired Yin Yang Meditation star
A meditation to bring the harmony of yin yang into daily living.

Developing Intuition with Meditation star
The more we get in touch with our deeper permanent self through meditation, the easier spontaneous insights rise up to our waking consciousness as intuition.

Easy Guided Sitting Meditation star
Here´s a meditation that is both restful and rejuvenating!

Forgiveness Meditation star
A meditation for moving beyond hurt to positive thoughts by forgiveness.

Forgiveness Verse and Meditation star
Forgiveness loosens the knot of hurt, it lightens the body-mind burden.

Group Meditation Benefits star
The benefit of group meditation, even though you know there won´t be silence, is the feeling of camaraderie being part of the group generates.

Guided Meditation on Forgiving star
A guided meditation on forgiving.

Healing and Meditation star
We all have the potential to heal through caring attitudes, thoughts and prayers, meditations and actions.

Inner Music of Meditation star
An uplifting experience that helps us know there are more levels to humanity than physical, mental, emotional.

Inner Vibration Meditation star
Tap into your creative nature for inspiration and problem solving with this universal meditation practice.

Intelligent Design in Meditation and Prayer star
Thoughts on how to incorporate "Intelligent Design" into prayer and meditation.

Keeping a Meditation Journal star
A meditation journal is an invaluable tool for keeping track of your spiritual practice and progress.

Learn About Being Kind Meditation star
If you have been reading my meditations for awhile, you probably know that every year being kind is my New Year's resolution. The simplest way to learn about kindness is to be kind to another and note how it feels in your body.

Light and Meditation star
A central candle, a single lit candle, on the meditation altar represents the Divine Light that enlightens all of us, without regard to being a member of a specific religion, or of any religion.

Madonna Meditation star
Some of us may have a special devotion to the Madonna symbol as an eternal life-giving mother.

Make Prayer Beads with Tassels and Pouches star
In a home where parents meditate there are likely to be supplies that kids can use to make these gifts.

Make Way for the Lord Through Meditation star
Meditation opens the inner doorway that lets us enter into the supreme realms of bliss and joy, it makes way for us to be with the Lord.

Master and Mind Meditation star
Master and mind, which leads? We are masters of our mind. Our mind is a tool to plan, to work out problems. As master we decide, determine our course of action and reaction to action.

Meditate and Follow Guideposts for Living star
Outer guideposts are our lifeline until our voice of conscience can be followed consistently.

Meditate Anywhere star
Every one of us has an place they find peaceful. It could be your back yard, with grass and trees around you. It could be your bedroom, with your curtains blowing in the breeze.

Meditate in the Midst of a Busy Family star
Whoever said meditation must be a somber activity practiced in peace and quiet has not meditated in the midst of busy family life!

Meditating with a Busy Life star
Even though I've had a busy day I record my insights in my journal and plan how I can incorporate them into my life. In this way I feel satisfied that if I don't have time to act on them now I haven't lost the train of thought and can get back to them in the future.

Meditation and Secular Spirituality star
Secular meditation can be practiced without interfering with one´s belief system, as it is a way get in touch with those qualities beyond thoughts and thinking.

Meditation Exercise at Your Desk star
Give yourself a few minutes at your desk for this easy meditation practice.

Meditation for Developing an Open Mind star
The reward for continually upgrading our conscience, by keeping an open mind, is that we become more conscious of our harmonious, self-effulgent nature.

Meditation Techniques for Anywhere star
No matter where we are there is a way to take a time-out for meditation.

Meditation Tempers Ups and Downs star
Think on this: Ups and downs are tempered, transformed into awareness of happiness, harmony, by balancing mental with physical activity. When we take charge we enjoy being happy and feeling good.

Minute of Silence for Meditation star
A deep golden moment, over and over, is the aim of all meditation practices. It is a renewable and vibrant awareness of our eternal self that has no boundaries.

Morning Meditation star
If you are a morning person, this may be a good choice of time for your regular daily meditation.

My Experience Meditating in the Beginning star
This is a true story to inspire the start of a meditation practice, and it is my own experience 30 years ago.

One Minute Bedtime Meditation star
If you are not used to setting a regular time for meditation, start with one minute right before bedtime. It is a time of day for winding down, and meditation can cap off the process.

Peaceful Setting for Meditation star
While advanced meditators could meditate in the middle of a battlefield, for most people the first step in meditating is to create a setting of peace and quiet.

Prayer or Reflection Technique star
To begin, sit straight on a cushion on the floor, or on a chair in a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.

Problem Solving Meditation Techniques star
Problem Solving by Combining Prayer, Meditation and Reflection Techniques: A contemplative practice for gaining useful insight.

Secular Meditation star
Sit on a mat with a straight back, or sit up in a chair, feet on the floor. Fold hands in your lap or lay palms up or palms down on your thighs. Close your eyes.

Seeing In-depth in the Stillness of Meditation star
Give yourself time to work out situations in a deeper way, while sitting still in meditation.

Spend Time in Meditation star
The peace attained by observing the Inner Sound allows our mind to become very calm.

The Greater Light of Meditation star
We swim in the waters of life with self-effort, until we are exhausted, then peacefully float to the surface, radiating love from the Greater Light.

Understanding Meditation star
Is it the same as prayer? Is it a religious practice? Is meditation for kids and adults? Just what is meditation all about?

Where Is Meditation? star
One reason meditation holds such an allure and mystery is that we can't pin it down as similar or even in a category with other parts of our world.

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