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Savage Reckoning Book Review
This thriller takes place in the backwoods of Tennessee where Dani Savage, a female deputy, stumbles on a case where dozens of girls have gone missing. She is up against a very powerful mafia-type family who seems to be invincible. She, her family, and co-workers are in danger throughout.

Poisonfeather Book Review
Gibson Vaughan is back, and is trying to repay a judge who helped save him during his teenage years by finding the offshore stash of money of a billionaire con who bilked thousands out of their savings. Vaughan encounters interesting characters and plenty of suspense.

Grilling the Subject Book Review
In the 5th installment of the Cookbook Nook series, Sylvia Gump, a neighbor of protagonist Jenna's Dad, has been murdered, and Jenna's Dad is a suspect. Almost everyone in town had a motive, and Jenna must find the real murderer so he doesn't go to jail.

The Sixth Day Book Review
Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine are trying to figure out who is behind the mysterious deaths of key political figures in the fifth installment of The Brit in the FBI series. This book has danger, suspense, a bit of the supernatural, and favorite characters.

Black Widower Book Review
Derek Skodati has no qualms over murdering his wife, Jennifer. He disposed of her body in a Louisiana swamp full of alligators. Now he is going to do the same with his new wife, Carrie. Since he's a cop, he knows the ins and outs, and most likely won't get caught.

A Perilous Undertaking Book Review
Veronica Speedwell is one of the most unique protagonists in the suspense/thriller genre and makes for an interesting read. When Veronica is asked by the Queen's daughter to find a murderer, she goes about it very differently than most Detectives. Fascinating and Fun.

Girl on the Run Book Review
Chessa Paxton has been dreaming of planning and designing costumes for an event like The Happily Ever After Ball, and everything has turned out perfectly, that is until her husband is murdered and there is a massacre including several guests. Chessa is the main suspect and must run.

MacBeth Book Review
Award winning author Jo Nesbo has retold Shakespeare's classic MacBeth in a novel set in the 1970s where Duncan, chief of police is fighting Hegate, who has caused a huge drug problem in a small industrial town.

High Kicks Hot Chocolate and Homicides Book Review
Five friends who dance semi-professionally and call themselves the Happy Hoofers, are excited to dance in the Christmas program with the Rockettes. However, things get dangerous when some of the dancers are murdered.

Girl Number One Book Review
Ellie Blackwood witnessed her mother's murder when she was six. On the 18th anniversary of her mother's death, Ellie finds a woman's body where her mother was murdered. A #3 on the woman's forehead and then a #2 on another body she finds convince Ellie that she is #1 and in grave danger.

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