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Crepe Expectations Book Review
Marley McKinney discovers a body near the water and it turns out to be that of a missing girl who was attending a party 10 years prior. Marley investigates and puts herself in danger.

Everyone Pays Book Review
Does anyone have a right to murder people who commit heinous crimes against women? This novel will get readers thinking. Although the end is a surprise, the murderer is known throughout, but Clara Donner, the detective investigating must follow the clues.

The Stepchild Book Review
Kathi Ellison is very happy living with her boyfriend, David, but begins to relive memories that belong to someone else. As the novel progresses, the memories play an important part in building suspense and keeping the interest of readers. This is a scary psychological thriller.

Earthly Remains Book Review
Commissario Guido Brunetti needs a vacation after an arrogant suspect gets off on a murder because of his social standing, and takes a vacation at the villa of Paola's relative. There he gets involved in a murder investigation.

The Case of the Curious Cook Book Review
The women who run The WISE Enquiries Agency become involved in the murder investigation of a famous artist whose brother is the prime suspect. The quaint setting in Wales makes the novel charming; it is a quick and fun read.

She Be Damned Book Review
Heloise Chauncey is a former prostitute, now wealthy courtesan, and is also a detective. The police trust her and hire her for investigations since she knows a different side of respectable. This historical novel is fun and takes place on the seedy side of the 1800s.

Murder at an Irish Wedding Book Review
Siobhan O'Sullivan and her siblings are set to cater the wedding of a famous fashion model in their small town of Kilbane, but complications arise when the best man is murdered, a guest is poisoned, and Siobhan’s boyfriend becomes the prime suspect.

Nothing to Lose Book Review
Protagonist Ziba MacKenzie has clues to solve her husbands two-year old murder, and is investigating a serial killer whose victims closely resemble Ziba herself. Ziba is in more danger that she can imagine.

Between a Book and a Hard Place Book Review
Dev Sinclair who runs the local five and dime store in Shadow Bend, is not excited to see her runaway mother in town, and when her stepfather ends up murdered, Dev must find the real murderer before her mother is arrested.

Someone Knows Book Review
Allie Garvey witnessed a horrible death twenty years ago and is still guilt-ridden because of her involvement in the death. As she comes back to her hometown to attend a funeral, she finds that something bad is happening to her old friends who were witnesses.

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