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A Catered Costume Party Book Review
Bernie and Libby Simmons, owners of A Taste of Heaven, are catering a Halloween party at the newly remodeled, upscale apartment building Berkshire Arms which they believe is haunted due to a murder when it was the Peabody Hotel. The host is murdered, and the sisters want to solve the mystery.

The Never Game Book Review
Colter Shaw, the new protagonist in a new Jeffery Deaver series, finds missing persons, and in this fascinating novel, the missing persons have been kidnapped and will be soon murdered.

The Last Second Book Review
Drummond and Caine are back and out to save the world from a genius astronaut who believes she is going to live forever with aliens who are destroying the earth to take over. Sounds a little farfetched, but this one is good and exciting reading.

The Darkness of Evil Book Review
Jasmine Marcks has just released a tell-all book about how it was to grow up with a father who is a serial killer. She had been instrumental in getting him convicted, and now he is in a facility for the rest of his life. He has, however, done the impossible and escaped and is after his daughter.

The Whispered Word Book Review
Nora Pennington who is a member of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society in the small town of Miracle Springs, discovers a waif-like girl hiding in her bookstore, and in helping her, uncovers secrets, and ends up investigating murder.

An Echo of Murder Book Review
Monk investigates especially grisly murder in the Hungarian section of Victorian London, and since investigations were fairly slow, more bodies begin to pile up. He seeks help from his wife Hester, as well as a disturbed war veteran.

Daryl Wood Gerber Cozy Mysteries
Light Cozy mysteries are fun, and Daryl Wood Gerber writes both the French Bistro Mysteries and the Cookbook Nook Mysteries. If you're in the mood for a light mystery with mouthwatering recipes, check out these culinary mysteries.

Thief's Mark Book Review
FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are on their honeymoon in Ireland when they become involved in assisting M15 with a murder involving a notorious art thief. This is a romantic thriller and is great fun.

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder Book Review
Hannah's missing husband reappears and brings trouble, including shady characters and murder. Hannah investigates, and puts herself, her friends, and family members in danger.

Starr Bright will be With You Soon Book Review
Serial killer, Sharon Donner, who is estranged from her twin sister, Lily, decides to visit her hometown, after 15 years away. She is welcomed with open arms, by Lily and her family, but her influence may just ruin the lives of her only relatives.

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