How to Keep Your Man Safe on Super Bowl Sunday

How to Keep Your Man Safe on Super Bowl Sunday
Few associate Super Bowl Sunday with danger. However, the medical community warns that on this day some men will visit the emergency room for heart attacks, gastrointestinal problems and broken bones. Methodist Hospital in Houston points out that domestic violence cases increase in households where there are already existing difficulties as football-induced high testosterone levels make some men leave their senses. In such precarious cases, the hospital recommends that you leave the house and do your own thing with friends and family.

Since it is always easier to prevent than to treat, let’s look at what you can do beforehand.

Here are some tips on having healthy fun on Super Bowl Sunday:
  • For a man meat is comfort food. Prepare club sandwiches using whole multi-grains with lean meats like roast beef, ham and turkey. Use low -fat cheese and mustard instead of mayo. Add tomato, onion, roasted peppers and arugula to score points with veggies. Whatever you are serving keep it lower in sodium (substitute peppery spices to give it a kick), focus on veggies like vegetarian chili, and substitute baked instead of fried. Cut up fruits and veggies with low-fat dips and position it front and center.
  • Alcohol can make people do crazy things and get hurt falling. Create awareness and call a family meeting regarding excess alcohol consumption; plan in advance to substitute every second drink with water, non-alcoholic beer, coffee or a soft drink. Make sure no one is driving after the game.
  • Many men identify strongly with their team and if their team loses, they become depressed and experience grief; another manifestation of this kind of depression is an angry outburst. This could lead to a cardiac episode especially if he has high blood pressure or is out of shape. Be aware that a football team often becomes an extension of personal identity. If the team wins, his status is increased and if the team loses, he might feel like a loser. Losing is layered on to previous losses - old hurts. Therefore pre-game – before drinking and excitement rule - discuss the possibility of a loss and reframe it with a more resilient interpretation. Create a more optimistic scenario to take the sting out of his team losing.
  • Reward good behavior with a romantic post- game celebration. You can bet on the outcome (even if you are clueless). The winner gets his or her sexual fantasy gratified. You just might be interested in watching the game too!

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