How to Maintain Your Weight during the Holidays

How to Maintain Your Weight during the Holidays
The holidays are noted for enormous weight gain followed by a few lean days of good intentions from the number one New Year’s Resolution. But what if it were possible not to gain any weight at all? There is a simple way to counteract the excesses of the season: De-clutter your living space and lose weight. Amazingly, this cause and effect works because of the emotional component innate in both clutter and overeating.

Consider how the mass accumulation of presents, parties, food and drink affects you physically and mentally. You figure this is the season to be extremely jolly. In fact, the media makes you feel entitled to all the excess, particularly the spending that hurls you into debt over too many purchases and too many calories. It’s time to go the opposite route of shedding what no longer serves. The power of choice in this case expands to the power of choosing healthy eating.

When you de-clutter, here is how you lose weight:
  • You are involved in a process to get rid of physical stuff which you no longer need. When you are immersed in an activity, you are not hungry plain and simple. Note that what you do on the physical level translates to the emotional level. You are less interested in the excesses of food - especially the sugar, salt, white carbs and the fat to lift your spirits. De-cluttering your space, your drawers, your desk and even your pocket book gives you the clarity to unload the extraneous, to buy less and spend wisely which includes caloric intake.
  • You de-clutter your food. You clean out your taste buds to re-appreciate natural, unprocessed cuisine. Getting rid of junk food creates empowerment via personal choice. Holiday treats consisting of pure ingredients, fresh produce, nuts, fish, poultry, meats and sauces are tantalizing and satisfying. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Eating quality foods does not leave you hungry for empty calories.
  • You de-clutter your natural rhythm from the tech invasion. You socialize with people face to face instead of texts and emails. When you are involved in physical conversations with others, you are not eating. You fill up on good dialogue. Perhaps, you are busy networking at the office party. In addition, because you have cleaned out your space, you can invite others to enter without feeling ashamed about the mess.
  • You sleep so much better when you de-clutter. Cleaning up your physical space, especially your bedroom, leads to de-cluttering your mind, so that you feel lighter and less stressed. When you sleep the number of hours appropriate for your energy level, you release an appetite-suppressing hormone Leptin, so that you don’t eat unwanted calories hoping to feel less sluggish. When you are tired, you are less likely to exercise your mind to resist temptation. From a spiritual perspective this is the season of forgiveness and letting go of old resentments. Forgiveness leads to weight loss because you don’t have to soothe a stressed out, empty heart with junk food.
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