Can't Keep Your Resolutions? Try This

Can't Keep Your Resolutions? Try This
By now you have been counseled to make small changes in your weight loss program, yet you have gained 5 pounds! So how do you stay on track with all your New Year’s resolutions ranging from becoming a better person to exercising/ dieting and saving more money? At the root of all resolution success is the one simple act of decluttering. Why? Because tidying your space, frees up your mental clarity to choose what resonates for you. Essentially, you are performing a physical and emotional audit.

Decluttering makes you feel physically and mentally lighter. This is why it is important to edit your life frequently and evaluate your path. When you get rid of old dusty belongings, you clean out your life’s confusion. Now nothing will hold you back after you have selected what to clear out: No more childhood excuses, in other words your old life narrative, not even the moment before this moment. In one liberating moment you can leave your past behind freeing up new life energy.

To facilitate: The basic question you need to ask, what does this item do for me today and in the future?

Here’s how the physical act of decluttering will help you embrace healthy change:
  • You will eat cleaner and simpler. A decluttered meal plan means a more natural diet of whole foods which are nutrient dense and not processed. You will feel better, fuller and more energetic because you will be reducing inflammation. Ultimately, you will lose weight and food will no longer be the enemy. You might cure your IBS and diabetes as well as promote better cardiac and brain health.
  • You will look for basic exercises which are natural for you. You don’t have to do circus routines or strange workouts.
  • You will be more focused and less distracted, paying attention and listening. As a result, there will be fewer misunderstandings and conflicts. All your relationships will improve.
  • Your personal space will be more inviting, uplifting your spirit because you will keep only material objects which inspire and bring you joy.
  • You will discover your true identity – your purpose.

For example, a friend of mine recently began to clean up the chaos in his bedroom – the result of a personal epiphany. He had suffered a traumatic experience in high school. Although he forgave his attacker, “almost immediately,” perhaps such forgiveness happened too soon and came with a hefty emotional price tag as the unforgiveable needed to be processed before forgiveness could be granted. For the next 20 years he had become a hoarder. He explained that he “loves ALL his possessions.” To which I responded, “If you love everything, you love nothing." Consider if I invite you into my home and say, ‘come anytime,’ clearly I am not inviting you into my home. I would need to give you a specific day and time.” Our conversation underscored his new motivation to select what truly inspired him and to let go of what littered his psyche.

Happily, great progress has been made. Instead of the living room couch, he can now sleep in his own bed. Most important of all, he is discovering his true identity without being muddled by piled up unprocessed past hurts. Daily, stuck emotions are being released. Once he has completed the “clean-up,” he will need to do regular checkups for maintenance.

If your prior resolutions have never been successful, try cleaning out the physical clutter. Choose a rewarding life over mindless, meaningless stuff.

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