How to Strengthen Your Mind

How to Strengthen Your Mind
While life is a casting off, and by now many of us have realized that learning to lose or let go is difficult because no one has taught us how, standing in stark contrast to media driven consumerism which teaches us to accumulate. It is pretty certain that none of us want to lose our minds. Of course, genetics and environment intertwine to affect lucidity, analytical skills, mood and memory, but like physical well-being which incorporates exercise, nutrition and stress management, so does mental conditioning. As below, so above; or heart smart means brain smart to modify genetic influence.

Strengthening the mind involves growing new brain cells to replace worn out and damaged ones and enhancing sluggish synaptic connections reminiscent of muscle fibers which grow with weight lifting providing strength and endurance. In fact, exercise, both cardio and weight lifting, create neuroplasticity in the brain, a form of miracle grow for brain cells. Consequently, if you consistently exercise, you will notice that your focus and memory improve. In addition to creating new brain cells, exercise is the most efficient way to shed destructive stress hormones which course throughout the body and the mind wreaking inflammatory havoc. And stress lodges longest in the brain; notice that your memory is impaired or analysis is skewed when you are stressed. Exercise will turn stress into strength.

4 ways to strengthen your mind
  • Strengthening the mind involves self-care. On the simplest level being good to the self means avoiding artery clogging foods, adhering to a balanced diet and consistent exercise regimen to benefit all bodily processes, including the immune and cardiac systems. On a secondary level good self-care extends to the others in your circle urging you to let go of anger, jealousy and resentment ¡V even in your perceived rightness, which erode the self and occupy thoughts. This means moving on and cutting out toxic relationships, while strengthening positive social ties to serve as an objective lens.
  • A strong mind is not distracted. To tighten the mind be in the moment and truly present with your five senses. Practicing a laser like focus helps you to think clearly. Meditation and/or deep breathing enable many people to tighten a loose mind. Being immersed in an activity can help as well.
  • Taking a break from a task is restorative. This is why a vacation, mini vacations, unplugging, or self-care intervals throughout the day will improve mental acuity. For example, you can¡¦t work your muscles all day and expect them to go the distance without eventually getting injured. The mind needs to rest, sleep and thrives on fun to come back better.
  • Reframing negative thoughts into positive ones gives the mind a rest from ruminating on what¡¦s wrong versus what¡¦s right. Create a kinder spin, a benevolent story to release anger, guilt, shame and regret. At the very least you can see yourself as a human being who is fallible. This is why religion is so successful, for most belief systems urge forgiveness and new beginnings. You are genetically hardwired for stories, make them good ones. Moreover, not taking yourself too seriously, seeing your life as a sit-com, reduces tense moments.

For more information on managing your stress and reclaiming your life read my book, Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life. To listen to archived radio shows with guest experts visit Turn On Your Inner Light Radio Show

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